Stuart Oswald: Everyone, you can now easily submit your own content to this site. Just follow the link for more info
Stuart Oswald: Sorry Tim, I haven't a clue. Wish you well with it though.
Tim: I have a Protel 200BB++ payphone. I can program it with keypad, but if you hang it up after a call for a few moments you gotta reprogram it again. Any idea why it won't stay programmed? Battery good.
Stuart Oswald: Jan Jansz, the app link doesn't work. Please give us one that works.
Della: I have an original metal sign from a k1 telephone box from the 1920s where would be the best place to offer it for sale
Jan Jansz: I developed a simple Android app to find and geo-tag payphones: ... HTH
Ian Jolly: Hi Anna - I've got payphones of the type that would have been in student accommodation in 1982 - contact me at
Ian Jolly: Hi Ken - contact me at I administer a large network covering over twenty countries using the old dialling codes. Most connect with ATAs - free to join and use. Running 10+ years
Ken Page: Hi Guys, Our group has obtained a small qty of Protel XP1230 Payphones. We are interested in setting these up using ATA's and Asterisk etc. Also interfacing to Ham Radio. Best Forum for help? .-.-.
Stuart Oswald: Hi payphone enthusiasts. Thank you all for visiting this site. It's not common. But you will find a photo of me on my latest post here. Click my name to see what I visited.
Anna Lowenstein: Does anyone have a photo of a payphone of the kind that would have been in the corridor of a student residence in the UK in 1982? The illustrator needs it for a story I have written.
Iulia: been calling phones all day. No one answered and one was a private number... Really was hoping someone would pick up. Are there any phones that you usually get answers on? :)
Kichiji:: It is ironic. Your main photo is of a bank of payphones in Toronto, Canada, but you have no listings for Canada. Is this because you cannot call to payphones in Canaada?
Stuart: We've got a lot happening to the site soon. Stay tuned.
raymond joseph carpenter: i`m interested in buying used payphone from all over the world you can contact me by email thank you
Stuart: Our new web address please share
Stuart: The new address to contact me on is:
Stuart: Our new email address is <a href=""></a>
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Mike: What happens to all the telephone numbers of payphones when they have been removed?
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