9 Jul 11, 11:04 PM
AZjones: So Sorry, no more chat box for now. bummer! Leave comments on posts and I will review and post
7 Jul 11, 02:53 PM
Randy: Congratulations on making an impact in this world by sharing great music, beautiful places, and best, your faith in God. We are kindred spirits in all 3 areas - I visit your bog often.! Ever on, AJ!
5 Jul 11, 10:34 AM
Yorkville: Thank a lot for so much great music and the efforts that you've put forth to get these to us!!!
28 Jun 11, 02:55 AM
hantayo: Mr. Jones, I read your story-In the box. I disagree about one thing. It doesn't all go in the box in the end. Not if you have an impact on people along the, Like George. His spirit lives in you
24 Jun 11, 09:10 PM
Grog: Prayers for you and your family on the passing of your dad.
23 Jun 11, 08:21 AM
ToneMonkey: Yes! Amen. Our original charter (as Christians, by way of God's call to Abraham) is to be a blessing to all the nations. How often do we really think of that? I think of it quite a lot.
22 Jun 11, 11:07 PM
ju-dog: be strong my brother, life keeps throwing all of us curveballs, when we are looking for something right down the middle, you're a good man, keep on smiling as best you can!!!
22 Jun 11, 05:34 PM
Mike Hunt: it all goes back in the box...well said! salute!
22 Jun 11, 02:32 PM
Speedy: AZ - my thoughts an dprayers are with you and your whole family my good friend.
22 Jun 11, 01:53 PM
azjones: Please be praying for my aunt (mom's twin sister) who just had a massive stroke. Also pray for my sister who was just diagnosed with agresive cancer. Thanks?
19 Jun 11, 07:30 AM
creature: If you help one person it makes this all worthwhile no matter what the naysayers say! Sorry for your loss your dad souds like he was a very special paerson. Rock On Dude!!! Creature
16 Jun 11, 06:03 AM
Tony: Thank you for sharing lots of wonderful music - and some impressive photos too!
11 Jun 11, 12:05 PM
brooklynsteve: AZ thanks for link you dropped off of the waybacks i did not have that show ..great setlist..
10 Jun 11, 07:56 PM
jmos: I always cruise your blog and find it entertaining musically and appreciate your forays into christianity.sometimes I need more jesus than others...rock on, John
8 Jun 11, 09:57 PM
AZjones: To Dwight. I think most os the Peter Rowan came to me in Mp3. Try finding thoses shows on Bt Tree. Might be you only chance. Listening in Mp3 is better than not at all
8 Jun 11, 05:07 PM
Randy: Speaking of Vince Gill ... is there any early Pure Prairie League around (pre Vince Gill)?
8 Jun 11, 07:25 AM
Tim: Hey man - is it me or is Hot Tamales from your excellent Little Feat in Orlando with Derek Trucks corrupted...? would you mind emailing me at tim.lawsonATme.com? Thanks.
8 Jun 11, 06:39 AM
Scott: Check out this show from Davy. 2009-10-12 Isle of Man Webcast http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5ZZK4FJR
8 Jun 11, 06:38 AM
Scott: Hey, love your blog! Can't wait to hear the David Crowder Band show. I downloaded a Warren Haynes show I did not have. Ever hear of a blues guitarist named Davy Knowles? He would fit in here!
7 Jun 11, 06:21 PM
dwight: Hey AZ - would there be any chance of getting any of your Peter Rowen material as flac? - Im trying to help someone find Rowen show but he only wants flac or shn - not a big deal - let me know - thank
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