20 Feb 11, 08:28 PM
Loutfi Khamis: thanks for the very nice site , and kiss your hands for your support Palistine , it is Really so kind of you and we all still are humans and have the feeling inisde , Big thanks
27 Jan 11, 07:12 AM
Tom: I really appreciate all you have done. I still check out your blog for anime and to help me learn japanese! Thanks!
25 Sep 10, 10:59 PM
Ryuwolf: No affiliation is accepted from now on, this blog is suspended, plzz stop your requests.
23 Aug 10, 07:55 PM
Ryuwolf: @Ann: I'm verry sorry but it's impossible for me to do that now, i'm working on my forum for the time being. @Jaja : Thanks a lot ^^
19 Aug 10, 01:38 PM
jaja: love this site *^^*
16 Aug 10, 03:25 PM
Ann: thanks so much
16 Aug 10, 03:25 PM
Ann: Just wanna know that I tried to download japanese book "introduction to academic presentation" for 3days still can't download via rapidshare. Could you please provide the mirror for the link?
2 Aug 10, 05:51 PM
Ryuwolf: Thank you guys for supporting me, and Why not joining Our forum Natsuyume.com and become an active member there. Sorry for the lake of update here, it's because i'm working on the forum Now.
1 Aug 10, 08:21 AM
/anon/: I absolutely love this amazing site. I have no idea how you can do it, but the internet and I thank you from the bottom of our binary hearts.
31 Jul 10, 06:43 PM
Shinkara: my second time here, and I gotta say, I still love your site =) you have a lot of good content!!
20 Jul 10, 11:56 PM
Ryuwolf: I hope i can do more for Palestine ^^
18 Jul 10, 10:27 AM
fluke: nice blog and tenkiu 4 supporting palestine
17 Jul 10, 03:18 AM
Info Updates: hi friend add my link i will add your site link
16 Jun 10, 08:52 PM
Ryuwolf: Yosh minna, sorry for the lack of update, i was very buzy with univ and with work too, gonna re-update the site don't worry ^^!
24 May 10, 12:06 AM
Reem: I just stumbled by your website by accident, and I have to say I love it! Also thank yu very much for supporting Palestine <3 Wish you all the best of luck!
23 May 10, 07:44 AM
sprucefir: wow, you have a wide range collection of ebook; it's great! I decide to became frequent visitor from now
26 Apr 10, 08:00 PM
EK: I must say ur site is always getting better, lots of awesome anime collections, Keep up the good work Ryu :cool:
8 Apr 10, 02:14 AM
New visit: hi blogwalking.
7 Apr 10, 11:22 PM
Ryuwolf: I wont say much about it, but the new project will bring a lot of changes to the blog as it'll be transformed into ..... well i let you figure it out alone, so Ja mata ne ^^
7 Apr 10, 11:19 PM
Ryuwolf: Yosh minna, it's been a while i haven't write something in the chatbox, but i have my Alibi.... So actually I was working on a new project that sure you minna will love^^
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