16 May 13, 08:20 PM
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22 Feb 10, 08:16 PM
Bob and Karen: Hey-hey!!! Found you! Good to know we're FINALLY friends!!!! Enjoy the snow! We are!
21 Feb 10, 10:13 AM
Judy: Realized I hadn't left comments on all of the kids pages! So thought I'd enundate you this morning! ;>p
8 Feb 10, 03:15 PM
Paula: these did make me smile as I sat reading with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful tribute to your precious family. How lucky they are to have you and Skip as parents. These pages are beautiful!
26 Jan 10, 02:46 PM
Judy: All of the boys can be very pleased with your memories of them, as well! Very well done! Also, glad to see some of my genealogy buddies have decided to follow your beautiful blog!
26 Jan 10, 02:33 PM
Rainy: These tributes are so cool.. What a good mommy you are, I bet the kids just appreciate you so much.. Good job girl! :heart:
9 Jan 10, 04:26 PM
Judy: Rainy's "Dark Elegance" and "Family Love" are perfect for beautiful Gailey. And Shannon's picture and your memories of her are perfect!
9 Jan 10, 12:31 AM
Linda: You may be right. :lol:
8 Jan 10, 11:23 PM
Judy: Thought I had better wait till you get the other kids on here before I link your blog to FB. What do u think?
8 Jan 10, 03:37 PM
Linda: Thanks a bushel. :P
8 Jan 10, 03:36 PM
Judy: Hi there! Like your blog. You and Rainy did good!
8 Jan 10, 12:16 AM
Rainy: Thought I would surprise you with a chat box hugs :heart: