22 Jan 17, 09:11 AM
Linnie2105: I want to ask everyone that may know what i am going through please not to say anything in the chat.
21 Jan 17, 03:41 PM
tollgirl433: happy birthday glassman
11 Jan 17, 09:57 AM
Linnie2105: I want to thank cd carole, lanie, and lobos carol for all the support they gave me .
5 Jan 17, 05:46 PM
haleysnana442: Iam wishing greatdad1964 all the prayers and good luck on his surgery! :c3 get well soon we miss you
3 Jan 17, 01:29 PM
1 Jan 17, 02:40 PM
wjgutirrez: .en Laverne
1 Jan 17, 12:21 PM
Janiceann62: I am back Hosting on Monday if i can some interest i,ll try and set more tours in the fast room .cw
31 Dec 16, 06:41 PM
michxo: Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with love! Hope to see you in 2017! ,ch
28 Dec 16, 08:04 PM
dee44137: just to let you all know dee needs some prayers she is in er in a lot of pain this is dale
26 Dec 16, 02:23 PM
helenbacke: All I want for Christmas is more tours in the fast room! .cu
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