23 Jul 17, 10:30 PM
LadyLawyer46: whomever did the i want to thank u and i owe u one ,ch
23 Jul 17, 10:29 PM
LadyLawyer46: I want to apologize for not doing the 8pm tour i set i was in the er room from 3pm till midnight .cv
19 Jul 17, 09:41 PM
Jeanlove25: My Condolences to Jeff & Darla on the passing of Mom & Mom-In-Law, Prayers are with You & Yours .di
16 Jul 17, 03:09 PM
cnana122: Just read Henrys back door is open now!!!! .ak :6A
15 Jul 17, 05:02 PM
cdbern12: Just a matter of courtesy Anne so people who are registered for the tour are able to get in the room
14 Jul 17, 11:33 AM
Anne15john: wow if u not on a team u cant play u have to leave rm is that fr e1 or just certain ones
14 Jul 17, 03:02 AM
ohchubbieone: Backdoors are Working Now
13 Jul 17, 09:29 PM
cdbern12: I will have them on the page as soon as I get them recreated. Please bear with me.
13 Jul 17, 09:28 PM
cdbern12: There are no backdoors on page. I have to recreate the backdoors because Photobucket now wants paid
13 Jul 17, 05:32 PM
Janiceann62: backdoors need updated
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