4 Dec 10, 12:43 PM
Silvia: I was googling something and I'm glad I found a nice blog like yours :)
4 Dec 10, 12:42 PM
Silvia: Your blog seems so nice. I will definitely read some of what you posted some time. I
1 Apr 10, 06:56 PM
i love you: :)
21 Feb 10, 04:53 PM
your mom: Where, oh where, has my writing girl gone???? Where, oh where, can she beeeee???
8 Feb 10, 11:30 PM
your momma: Mwwaah! GO TO BED!!! I'm fixing to.
5 Feb 10, 07:37 PM
your momma: Miss you. Glad you're having a good time. BUT.... want you home already!
4 Feb 10, 04:49 AM
your momma: Ah.. miss the old pic on the top of your page!!! but also, love the new one!!!
30 Jan 10, 05:01 AM
your momma: oops! i meant "busy"... not bisy! What's bisy?????
30 Jan 10, 05:00 AM
your momma: Get bisy, girlfriend, the world is waiting to hear you! :)
30 Jan 10, 04:59 AM
your momma: Where, O where, is my blogging girl? Where, O Where, can she be????
26 Jan 10, 11:33 PM
your momma: Night! And ludju bunches!
26 Jan 10, 11:32 PM
your momma: Yeh, Yeh. I said I was going to bed early... hours ago. I'm just now making it. No new posts???
25 Jan 10, 10:15 PM
me: i'm changing yours mother. just watch
25 Jan 10, 12:06 AM
your momma: OOPS! Don't shoot me!!! You can change it back if you want! :-&
18 Jan 10, 06:47 AM
your momma: ...after while crocodile! :) See you then.. catch you next time you post.
16 Jan 10, 10:19 PM
mom: Okay... just chking to see if you'd written anything? No? Not yet? Nothing?
16 Jan 10, 09:56 AM
mom: Hey sweet thang! Mwah!!!! LOVE you like crazy!
15 Jan 10, 02:14 AM
me: guys please leave me a sweet little message.. pleaseee :) love yall
11 Jan 10, 04:29 PM
me: hiii everyone, its me, Prissy.. Leave me your comments here!! :)