11/10/20 12:42 AM
K.Nehemiah Paul: Pray for this need at the feet of the Lord Pray for my family Thank you
11/10/20 12:40 AM
K.Nehemiah Paul: I have an innate desire to run an orphanage and to educate them and provide healthy food and clothing
08/18/19 01:28 PM
Daniel Lugo: God bless everyone. Please let us know if you need prayer. Here we have brothers and sister that want to pray for you.
02/26/18 12:09 AM
douglas: gods help and being lead by the holy spirit i will. please pray for me i have the desire, i have the vision now i just want it to work out and see gods power
02/26/18 12:02 AM
douglas: unlike church it will start off welcome people... taking up offering, short word then worship as long as holy spirit allows. 1 to 6 hrs. (i have no pastor backgound, or ever spoke before but with
02/25/18 11:56 PM
douglas: I have a desire to open a ministry called the worship center international .....train people how to worship.....have it wednesday to saturday night then on sunday go there home church . unlike church
01/06/15 07:53 PM
Areli Santiago: please keep my mom in prayer she looks sad but does not tell why
11/07/13 08:40 AM
Daniel Lugo: Please keep my sister Minerva in your prayers. Yesterday she had a car accident. We believe her car is totaled. She was sent home, then a few hours later she fainted. So she is back in the hospital.
10/25/13 06:46 AM
Patricia Cuozzo: Thanks!
10/25/13 06:45 AM
Patricia Cuozzo: My daughter needs a job and my right hip is in Question to do surgery or not?I just love Doloras Adams in the morning has she got a ministry?
03/20/13 08:35 PM
Raymond Rodriguez: Them as well and we can be a happy family once again
03/20/13 08:35 PM
Raymond Rodriguez: I just recently gave my life to The Lord and want to pray for my wife and kids so that God can touch
03/14/13 05:43 PM
Carmen Guzman Janji: Please keep my husband in prayers. He is in the hospital.
02/22/13 09:44 AM
Abigail Borrero.: please keep me and my family in your prayers, my family are my kids, we been through alot, bout I know God been here with us, but I ask you to please always keep us on your prays God bless you boths
12/18/12 04:25 PM
Daniel Lugo: Please keep our Pastor and his family in your prayers for streagth. His mom not is doing good. Just waiting on the Lord to come for her.
11/12/12 01:14 PM
11/08/12 12:48 PM
evie: please prayer for my niece husband he had a massive heart attack he is in the hospital in critical condition his name is raymond valdez thank u .GOD BLESS MOMENTS OF PRAISE
06/14/12 08:16 PM
rosemary delgado: plz. pray for me...health issues...and my family for their salvation and for us to be closer....for my church family and my city (Youngstown, Ohio)
06/14/12 08:14 PM
rosemary delgado: pray for me..going thru physical trials...
03/29/12 06:54 PM
Mimi: Please pray for all 6 of the Estrella sisters. We all are experiencing health issues. Please pray for my mom.
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