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25/12/19 12:15 AM
Silver LMAOOOOO: Who here goes by mf "Pitchblack"?
25/12/19 01:34 AM
Andros414: and who're you supposed to be, fuckhead?
25/12/19 04:06 AM
silver: @Andros414 Nah I just found a random site online the dev linked this chat and so that msg was a "message-in-the-bottle" type thing I dont expect him/her to read it
25/12/19 04:10 AM
silver: @Andros414 I Found the random site using a program I wrote https://github.com/SilverYT/GUI-Automation/blob/master/GoogleRandom.py
25/12/19 04:31 PM
Femto Zeta: lol how bored are you
29/12/19 09:10 PM
Slasher: sweet porn!
02/01/20 11:15 PM
lool: For a walking simulator, Death Stranding isnt that bad.
02/01/20 11:15 PM
lool: I got 60k likes for doing two roads in the space of like an hour
02/01/20 11:15 PM
lool: Didnt think the roads were anything special but the likes just came pouring in
04/01/20 12:21 AM
noodle: I havent seen Pitch-kun in quite awhile but hes got a you tube channel
04/01/20 12:54 AM
Pitchblack: Hello
04/01/20 12:56 AM
Pitchblack: noodle, are you on discord
04/01/20 12:57 AM
Pitchblack: cbox is so antiquated ( ¬‿¬)
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: though i've still kept this bookmark for 9 years now: https://doki.co/chat/ class="bbURL" href="https://doki.co/chat/cbox/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">cbox/
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: ah cbox, how I love how you break links
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: the good ol' dayz
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: lol link broken
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: yes im on discord
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: hit me up through steam ill give you details
04/01/20 01:25 AM
Andros414: noodle. here: https://discord.gg/E5HfR6
04/01/20 01:25 AM
Andros414: cbox discord and we're all there... except Tomoki
05/01/20 04:29 PM
a non: Thanks for the bocchi~
05/01/20 04:30 PM
a non: mangadex link in the cbox still points to .org btw
09/01/20 04:34 PM
martinez: Huehuehuehue
13/01/20 12:21 AM
yeet: how do I get to watch the uncesnored version
13/01/20 12:22 AM
yeet: biw
13/01/20 12:43 PM
Rokudaime: I'm excited about the Higurashi project. For once it looks like we'll get more proper mystery horror Higurashi, like the 2 season original series, instead of all those nonsense slice of life spinoff OVA's.
13/01/20 12:44 PM
Rokudaime: *new Higurashi project
21/01/20 05:18 AM
Shiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pN8TvupNn4 :glad:
21/01/20 05:24 AM
Andros414: ( ¬‿¬)
25/01/20 08:59 PM
ixlone@chino: Oh, cbox works with firefox again
29/01/20 01:54 AM
Myth: /kurisu > all
06/02/20 08:31 AM
Haru: Ist doki dead?
06/02/20 06:00 PM
Femto Zeta: They literally released something today just a few hours before you asked.
07/02/20 09:39 AM
123456: What's the deal with the latest New Game torrent, it won't download
07/02/20 12:58 PM
ixlone@chino: Guess i forgot to actually start seeding
08/02/20 09:50 PM
Haru: I asked that because the xdcc website isn't working
15/02/20 11:49 PM
question?: Hello, there was a torrent tracker that used to be listed in doki.co, i've forgotten the name but it starts with ani i think. anyone knows what happend to it? or remembers the complete link (name)?
15/02/20 11:50 PM
question?: Oh it was right at the bottom of this chat box xD
15/02/20 11:50 PM
question?: it was anidex :P
20/02/20 08:04 PM
noodle: wow doki did konosuba? lol, i have been too busy
20/02/20 08:04 PM
noodle: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
22/02/20 01:55 AM
junh1024: When witll the mangadex PM system finish maintenance?
22/02/20 05:16 AM
ixlone@chino: Soon™
24/02/20 10:20 AM
fsd: Do you have discord server?
25/02/20 06:07 PM
Femto Zeta: I guess the mangadex discord would be the "official" one
28/02/20 07:21 PM
beepboop: i havent been on this site for ages, but can you not download anime torrent files anymore? cant seem to find links
28/02/20 07:22 PM
beepboop: if not anyone know a working site i can use without risk
28/02/20 07:24 PM
beepboop: nvm found it, effing retarded.
02/03/20 10:55 AM
TheThing_forgotpasswd: ( ¬‿¬)
03/03/20 05:01 AM
loser: where's the new bocchi chapter gentlemen
03/03/20 07:07 AM
Roppanmatsuni: I'd tell a joke about ghosts, but I'm afraid it'd come back to haunt me later.
03/03/20 01:27 PM
Jazz-y: TheThing still stinx.
04/03/20 06:33 AM
TheThing_forgotpasswd: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
09/03/20 12:29 AM
Kurau: Is Holo still setting up seedboxes for people that pay for them?
09/03/20 12:31 AM
Andros414: better question is "is holo still alive?" ( ¬‿¬)
09/03/20 12:32 AM
Kurau: who should i contact about setting up the seedbox at this rate then?
09/03/20 12:32 AM
Andros414: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
09/03/20 01:00 AM
Kurau: who should i contact then for a refund? any ideas?
09/03/20 02:11 AM
Femto Zeta: Have you actually tried contacting Holo?
09/03/20 02:12 AM
Kurau: Yes
10/03/20 12:33 AM
ixlone@chino: Join mangadex discord and pm him there
10/03/20 12:34 AM
ixlone@chino: Email probably gets lost in the thousands
19/03/20 03:15 PM
Aran: Hey guys
19/03/20 03:16 PM
Aran: I think I found a way to get the pics of various episodes back.
19/03/20 03:16 PM
Aran: http://web.archive.org/web/20110512211846/http://doki.co/
19/03/20 03:19 PM
Aran: This might be old news though since you seem to have the Hanasaku Iroha pics back up.
19/03/20 03:20 PM
Aran: Denpa Onna could use help though.
19/03/20 09:53 PM
ixlone@chino: Sounds like effort :D
23/03/20 09:43 AM
Silver: Wack
23/03/20 04:33 PM
Kurumi Tokisaki: Hey, Doki… May I have one question? Anime title is “Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars” Can you fix English Sub that can match Japanese Dub, please?? Because English Sub is no good at all, so please fix it. Here link >>> https://nyaa.si/view/958387 Thank you
24/03/20 01:17 AM
Femto Zeta: Why are you asking Doki and not the uploader?
24/03/20 04:18 AM
rg: Mangadex is throwing a 502 bad gateway error
25/03/20 08:17 PM
Gordon Shumway: Are you considering subbing the KonoSuba movie? (I just want the movie filename to have [Doki] at the start, like all of my S2 files do. >:-) Thanks.
25/03/20 08:27 PM
Andros414: WOW. you had to choose that name.
25/03/20 08:47 PM
Gordon Shumway: What's wrong with my name?
26/03/20 06:20 AM
odinigh: I'm not retiming someone else's release of a series I don't even like, I am so sorry.
26/03/20 07:07 AM
DarkMatter: What's up guys
26/03/20 04:03 PM
Gordon Shumway: Sorry - I didn't read the KonoSuba S2 comments before asking about the movie. Looking forward to it!
29/03/20 04:57 PM
Sam1: Guys, why am I getting slow speeds on xdcc even though I have decent internet connection? I'm getting like 16 KB/s download speeds
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