28 Feb 17, 12:07 AM
mb: Kristen always seems to look great at any time and any where.
27 Feb 17, 10:02 PM
huskerchic: Josh from Come Swim posted a pic of Bernie and Chloe posted a pic from K's house watching the Oscars...I saw them on FB but i think they originated from SnapChat
27 Feb 17, 03:37 PM
huskerchic: @tracey i dont kiss my friends the way she kisses Stella...especially when someone is taking photos for a national magazine but thats my opinion
27 Feb 17, 03:11 PM
Tracey riley: Vouge" friends kristen and stella are good friends not dating ?
26 Feb 17, 10:19 PM
Re: also very excited about the Underwater movie. I like these kinds of films
26 Feb 17, 10:19 PM
Re: Loved the Chanel look. Her hair last year was longer though, I wish she would let it grow for a while.
26 Feb 17, 08:47 PM
Carina: Yeah, I mean, why bother right?
26 Feb 17, 08:23 PM
huskerchic: @Carina I guess being a VS model means you get tired of wearing a bra all the time
26 Feb 17, 06:26 PM
Carina: Stella forgot her bra
26 Feb 17, 01:34 PM
huskerchic: Stella flew back to be with K at the Chanel dinner...sweet..if you look closely Stellas shirt matches K skirt
25 Feb 17, 07:40 PM
huskerchic: Supposedly K will be on the Today Show March 9th...cant find a confirmation though
20 Feb 17, 07:13 PM
Lorna (Site Admin): @Marge hi Marge i hope you are well. I am planning on emailing you this week
20 Feb 17, 06:40 PM
Lorna (Site Admin): Kristen and Stella are so cute <3
19 Feb 17, 08:10 PM
Tracey riley: @carina yes i have seen david mushegain kristen and stella kissing sweet cute
19 Feb 17, 07:53 PM
huskerchic: @Carina thats funny! Its a sweet pic though
19 Feb 17, 06:58 PM
Carina: Tracey you need to check out DavidMushegain IG page. He posted a pic that you may be interested to see.
19 Feb 17, 06:37 PM
Carina: Finally got to see Personal Shopper...it is really freaky. I liked it and it really shows off Kristen's abilities to take the audience on a crazy journey with her character. Highly recommend it and I will buy it once it's available.
19 Feb 17, 03:49 PM
Tracey riley: Think kristen and stella break up ? Idk
17 Feb 17, 04:44 PM
alina: when Maxwell is without make -up, in her every- day outfit, you can not believe she is a top model. on the other hand , Kris looks gorgeous , no matter what she wears and with no make up. my fav top model is Arizona Muse.
17 Feb 17, 04:00 PM
g licious: Go figure Kristen gets a Victoria Secret Model .....they are both gorgeous !!
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