24 May 17, 05:08 AM
Mimi: Bless you Tracey and Manchester! Sending good thoughts!
23 May 17, 05:35 PM
tracey riley: i am shock i am live in manchester and am safe
23 May 17, 01:53 PM
Uwudluvme: Extremely sad for Manchester 💔
23 May 17, 10:38 AM
huskerchic: @uwudluvme suzie posted on IG from england..not sure about CJ...very sad about Manchester
23 May 17, 07:40 AM
Tracey Riley: Pray for manchester rip 22 died and 59 injerd 😔
23 May 17, 02:41 AM
uwudluvme: Last I saw CJ was heading back to NO from NYC I thought..didn't know suzie was in England thought maybe K took her with.. @huskerchic....really...so disappointed 😔
22 May 17, 05:26 PM
huskerchic: @tracey...she may have wrapped...i know suzie is in england and cj was in nyc
22 May 17, 05:20 PM
huskerchic: @uwudluvme they arrived...wonder how shes gonna dress...i know it not a R site but had share that question with you
21 May 17, 03:20 PM
tracey riley: did underwater finished or still carry on or wrap?
21 May 17, 03:36 AM
uwudluvme: I think K looks gorgeous and her white bodysuit and black shorts outfit...whoa 🔥
21 May 17, 03:35 AM
uwudluvme: Yes it seems that CJ and Stella r in NYC...their IG's crack me up
19 May 17, 11:09 PM
huskerchic: So according to Suzie's IG, shes at NO international airport...maybe its possible CJ is in NY with Stella without K...
19 May 17, 11:44 AM
Uwudluvme: Can't wait for Pippa's dress!!
19 May 17, 11:27 AM
huskerchic: I dont post much on IG, just use to look at photo news...i use facebook and my blog for posting...waiting for new K pics and Pippa wedding pics
19 May 17, 04:54 AM
Uwudluvme: Aahhhh.... gotcha 😁
18 May 17, 10:18 PM
huskerchic: Saw it on IG...look for nicole2dogs...i thinks its pics made into a video not an actually video
18 May 17, 10:12 PM
Uwudluvme: I saw cj's post also thinking ur right @huskerchic....where's video? Can u post on ur blog or the link
18 May 17, 07:41 PM
huskerchic: @uwudluvme they have a video of the pout...yeah anyways...other topic...CJ posted a pic from nyc so i think we can assume K is there to fly out to Cannes
17 May 17, 02:26 PM
huskerchic: JT Leroy movie to start filming in July
17 May 17, 01:29 PM
huskerchic: Cannes website announced that K will present her short on May 20th
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