28 Nov 17, 02:42 PM
alina: the pictures of K with the lion baby is the cutest thing! the way the lion turns and looks at her ! it shows what a nice and warm-hearted person she is.
11 Nov 17, 09:13 PM
Lorna (Site Admin): Hey guys, how are we all ?
29 Oct 17, 10:15 PM
Kayla santoli: hi Kristen it's Kayla when are you coming out with another movie okay bye kristen :biggrin:
24 Oct 17, 09:49 PM
Kayla Santoli: Hi Kristen how are you im a biggest biggest fan of you and your twilight movies and the actors in it you to okay bye Kristen it was nice talking to you bye
21 Oct 17, 05:26 PM
Paulina: Hi everyone, this site is still working
15 Oct 17, 04:08 AM
Beavis: Guess who's single!
1 Oct 17, 09:50 PM
download movie: tanks for site ... nice and very good
1 Oct 17, 09:49 PM
new music: i love you kristen stewarthq
30 Aug 17, 07:58 PM
Tatiane Duarte: oi, Tati...
19 Aug 17, 01:51 PM
huskerchic: W magazine had a great artical on JT Leroy movie and K role in it...IG page @suck_upon27 has it up on their page
11 Aug 17, 02:32 AM
huskerchic: Come Swim is headlining a "shorts tour" in Utah theaters
10 Aug 17, 12:28 PM
huskerchic: K won best actress in the International Online Cinema Awards...Personal Shopper won best film
8 Aug 17, 08:54 AM
Poushali: great, Lorna! look forward ☺️☺️☺️
5 Aug 17, 07:44 PM
Lorna (Site Admin): We will have a new website design coming soon :P
2 Aug 17, 07:41 PM
Beavis: POLL: Prefer the book Twilight -or- Midnight Sun? Whose perspective do you enjoy the most?
23 Jul 17, 12:19 AM
David: Lorna has direct contact to Kristen's PR Ruth, but i don't think she can pass on fanmail. if it's fanmail there is a fanmail address for kristen
21 Jul 17, 09:07 PM
huskerchic: Im guessing there is a fan address but i doubt anyone here has a way to contact her directly
21 Jul 17, 06:22 PM
Abraham samuel: Hlo
21 Jul 17, 09:45 AM
Abraham samuel: @huskerchic can you help me plz
21 Jul 17, 09:44 AM
Abraham samuel: @huskerchic who are you? can help me plz
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