20 Jul 17, 10:45 PM
Serphent: <pa> :cool: c u soon ! :)
20 Jul 17, 10:44 PM
Serphent: oh it's automatic brilliant! ^_^ <jupi>
20 Jul 17, 10:44 PM
Serphent: Here's a promised : https://soundcloud.com/serphentspacesynth/sets/atlas-ep feel free to add it to your playlist :) cheers and thank you! <slucham> <pa>
20 Jul 17, 06:11 PM
Serphent: Beautiful wallpaper too! :) Keep up the great and amazing work Space Synth 4 EVER! :D <jupi>
20 Jul 17, 06:07 PM
Serphent: There is more in the works so be ready! Space salutations inima SPACE SYNTH 4 EVER
20 Jul 17, 06:06 PM
Serphent: Thanks for placing everything in one post! :D
18 Jul 17, 09:12 PM
Serphent: Everybody seems interested and curious about Serphent so I made a couple of more songs. I couldn't resist it either because I love it. Enjoy! :D https://serphent.bandcamp.com/album/warlock-ep
15 Jul 17, 09:46 PM
Serphent: Hello SpaceSynth4Ever. Here's my latest piece. It will be also available on Soundcloud very shortly. All the best . https://serphent.bandcamp.com/album/venom-ep
15 Jul 17, 05:47 PM
Serphent: Hello friends. Music is also available on soundcloud for whom likes to listen , follow etc . enjoy :) https://soundcloud.com/serphentspacesynth
15 Jul 17, 05:35 AM
Serphent: Just so people can be aware that new stuff will be in this page instead. Thanks my friend.
15 Jul 17, 05:34 AM
Serphent: Spacesynth4ever i want to ask something if possible. Can you please replace the last one you published with this one instead?https://serphent.bandcamp.com/album/gates-of-bararah-ep
15 Jul 17, 05:07 AM
Serphent: But sure , idiots will be idiots. Nothing better to do.
15 Jul 17, 05:02 AM
Serphent: That shows how much respect you have for the onwer pf this page that said before he didnt want any of this on his page.
15 Jul 17, 05:00 AM
Serphent: About that stupid comment theres no point in you hiding Synth One you loser,or its you or Space Hawk or another one of your holy producer group.You got a problem?Go do something you like and shut up.
15 Jul 17, 02:16 AM
Serphent: Hi Space Synth 4 Ever,links are up on the new page and everythings all set.Thank you for publishing my music in your website and for all the mega support from the fans. See you soon! SpaceSynth4EVER!
15 Jul 17, 12:13 AM
Good Dance Records: business i suggest you mind yours.
15 Jul 17, 12:13 AM
Good Dance Records: problem. And i'm not going to stop making music because of you or anybody else thinks. Now go copy laserdance and use your marco kicks , ESQ-1 Synclead and horny hits. Go you retard go. I'm minding my
15 Jul 17, 12:12 AM
Good Dance Records: Another note to you mister , this is not a producers page or whatever , you wanna talk production go to your facebook page and discuss with your fellow mates . Now if you are jealous thats not my
14 Jul 17, 11:59 PM
Good Dance Records: I also want to announce i will be focusing in one project only so new releases can be found @ https://serphent.bandcamp.com/ Thanks everyone! :)
14 Jul 17, 11:58 PM
Good Dance Records: go produce your laserdance copying style with your boring melodies and same patches all the time ;) byeeee! :)
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