12/09/17 01:03 PM
RasHeem7 heath1st HTQCSI: Migty Midday honoring life and all things producing the Right result like wise the Blak Iwa has consistently provided an lighten bolt of progree...love and honor
12/09/17 12:59 PM
RasHeem7 heath1st HTQCSI: Mighty midday in the royal upfull Rastafari Culture. InI give thAnkhs for the black Iwa and all revolutionary like. L
12/09/17 11:35 AM
manatinas: I Give Thanks for all those things! And for you being here uplifting us every week Bredren! You and Warrior Sistren, All BLAK IWA TV and their Supporters! Bless! Give Thanks For Life!!
12/09/17 10:58 AM
manatinas: Blessed Morning Family! Enjoy your weekend!
11/30/17 10:55 PM
mamstinas: Blessed Evening Family! Glad to be here Bredren Asafo! Thank you for the upliftment!
11/27/17 01:44 PM
11/25/17 12:52 PM
mamatinas: Thank you for the upliftment this morning Bredren! Bless!
11/25/17 10:58 AM
mamatinas: Blessed Sabbath Morning Everyone!
11/06/17 12:58 PM
cassandra moochie: I love reggae Music, Bless up Rasta Baba
11/03/17 12:13 AM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: :horn: :smoke: :rockon: Gwan hold it King Blessed Love
11/02/17 11:28 PM
Suns of Music: Big up King Kalonji! πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
11/02/17 11:21 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: :horn: :rockon: :rockon: RASPECT RASTA :music: :dance2: :glad: Niceness Weeda di whole world a rock :dance2: :rockon:
11/02/17 11:18 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: Rock out di crowd Blak-Iwa TV UP :glad: UP UP
11/02/17 10:57 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: Niceness UP UP UP :rockon: :dance2:
11/02/17 10:50 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: Rocking wid King Kalon and King Sound Zionites LJ ITALI >>>LOV YUH :horn: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :jump2: :dance2:
11/02/17 10:44 PM
DARemo42O: :horn:
11/02/17 10:44 PM
DARemo42O: :smoke:
11/02/17 10:43 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: :rockon: :glad: :smoke: :dance:
11/02/17 10:42 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: FYAH Littttt a Bunn 10/10> Galang go get good ways....pap pap
11/02/17 10:41 PM
LJ Fyah Fusion ITAL: :glad: :jammin: :rockon:
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