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bat wala kme dto pto ?: link
bat wala kme dto pto ?: spam
poler: hangang what time mainte?
oi: oi
DAVID: pq ta fara o serve
aw: aw
awBoyPekPek: Hanggang ano oras maintenance?
zzZZ: ok na
vote me in littoloo sdfe: uytuyuyuyuu banned lmfao
please band this char: please band this char XxgamerxX
XxgamerxX this char: hindi po
XxgamerxX this char: hindi po please
PTOnline: band in 10 minute
PTOnline: thank you for sopport
PTOnline: dellitrd
PTOnline: awdaw
PTOnline: da
PTOnline: da
PTOnline: wda
PTOnline: d
PTOnline: awd
PTOnline: ad
PTOnline: d
PTOnline: ad
PTOnline: a
PTOnline: boobo ako
PTOnline: welga dont vote nonynoy
PTOnline: bobo ako
PTOnline: wtf
PTOnlinewadawd: awwawaw
PTOnlinewadawd: who is mmy
PTOnlinewadawd: woh is me WER
juhhcezz: hi
juhhcezz: need one help pls#1
PTOnIine: hayz
Mini ME: Kapag failed to connect with server launcher ano dapat gawin
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