28 Jan 16, 05:27 PM
Rich: Sad news, thanks for the information Rob
25 Jan 16, 07:50 PM
Rob_Blob: FYI Steve Napoleoni of Toro passed away in mid September of 2015.
6 Jan 16, 03:02 PM
Rich: No I don't think I have Ewan, let me know about shows etc!
4 Jan 16, 07:53 PM
Ewan: HPY Rich! Gonna be pluggin' your blog on Soho Radio this Friday, and play me some Southern Rock! Camden's very own Healthy Junkies will be on, plugging their new album! Don't know if you know 'em?
3 Jan 16, 05:01 AM
Progressivo_70: Great work!
29 Dec 15, 09:50 PM
Rich: Thanks Paladin, and the same to you!
24 Dec 15, 07:16 AM
Paladin: Hello Rich, after a long time I want to thank you for your great music on you blog. I wish you Merry Christmas. Nice greetings from Germany.
12 Jun 15, 02:57 PM
CrasyManFromFreakValley: Hi Man, i´m the man from the Thursday Nigth, you give me the adress from this side,at we drink some beer. Nice Site ! I Hope we see us at the next year at Deuz :biggrin:
9 Apr 15, 05:42 PM
Laopt: Men, such a taste... U are a true value to Internet, Thank U for everything ! Greetings from France !
9 Apr 15, 12:27 PM
Rich (admin): Thank you all for the kind comments
6 Apr 15, 01:35 PM
WertyFool: One of the Best Sites on the Internet
5 Apr 15, 01:05 PM
Paladin: Hello Rich, thank you for all the cool music... seems that you we have the same likes in music... Happy Easter and nice greetings
15 Mar 15, 07:08 AM
Bentley: Dod anyone have any stuff of a proto metal band called Rhesus? No not Rhesus O from France. I mean the band that plaed the song 'People' in 1979.Have they released any full-lengths?Pls post it here.
4 Mar 15, 10:32 AM
Rich (admin): Hi "fILK", the service which runs the radio occasionally inserts 2 minute tracks and that is one of them. I have attempted to ensure that what it inserts is at least rock music from respected acts
27 Feb 15, 11:08 PM
fILK: Queen Now I'm Here on the radio? what the **** is that?
14 Jan 15, 03:30 PM
Rich (admin): kingmelech, the problem is completely fixed now.
13 Jan 15, 09:28 AM
Rich (admin): I have fixed the problem. Please let me know after trying again, thanks for letting me know! Rich
12 Jan 15, 05:06 PM
kingmelech: i believe the file is corrupt, i tried on 2 different computers
12 Jan 15, 04:37 PM
kingmelech: The file starts to unzip, then it ask for the password for nzzn.jpg.crdownload, but when you put in tdats it doesn't work.
12 Jan 15, 02:55 PM
Rich (admin): Hi CptBynD, of the 1565 tracks in this blog, only 11 are from the '80s That is 0.07%., less than 0.1%. I feel it is justified in certain circumstances, I presume you are talking about Portugal?
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