8 Jun 13, 06:36 AM
Download Albums: yo! lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
20 Jan 10, 04:32 PM
Anathema: Some of the Anathema artworks are currently displayed in Handuraw MAngo. See you!
4 Jan 10, 04:47 PM
mikiboy's secretary: @aiar: wala na sa Handuraw Lahug. But some of our art works from the Anathema series will be displayed in Handuraw Mango soon. will keep you posted. thanks
3 Jan 10, 11:53 PM
aiar: is the exhibit at handuraw still running? or wala na?
29 Dec 09, 11:14 AM
mikiboypama: merry christmas and happy new year
16 Dec 09, 12:32 PM
genica: @mikiboy: wag ta mag-scandal dito, ga...i love you, too. HAHA
16 Dec 09, 12:10 PM
mikiboy:: :cyclops:
16 Dec 09, 12:09 PM
mikiboy:: @ kid: cge add taka add mo man ko!
16 Dec 09, 12:09 PM
genica: :heart:
16 Dec 09, 12:06 PM
mikiboy:: samalat genica! tanx sa support mo samon ni nonon! love you! ekekekeke!
16 Dec 09, 12:06 PM
mikiboy:: salamat gid!
16 Dec 09, 12:04 PM
kid: salamat sa inyo!
16 Dec 09, 11:59 AM
genica: @BOPEP: buli-anay boi..miss you na! nagpunta ka dito for miki's exhibit! damo chicks dito!!!
16 Dec 09, 11:11 AM
bopep: hanep long ah,pang ilong gd..
16 Dec 09, 11:10 AM
bopep: hanep long ah,pang ilong gd..
15 Dec 09, 10:34 PM
i_l_l_i_a_n_a: tni dri lng s bacolod. hehe... dason a. great job mik. ^_^ your family surely is proud of you. they should. ^_^
15 Dec 09, 10:33 PM
i_l_l_i_a_n_a: wow. tahum. like the surrealist impact. and generally, i love surreal works. but the venue is on the neighboring island and i gotta spent a fair for it plus it falls on the day before my birthday...
15 Dec 09, 05:13 PM
don: bakod boy ah
15 Dec 09, 02:28 PM
kid: mau ah.. add ko b sa link mo hehe
14 Dec 09, 07:21 PM
genica: congrats for a successful show, mik. proud of you
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