24 Apr 11, 09:58 PM
Someone Else: That all sounds good to me. Your summer is my winter (assuming that you're American), so it's not like I'll be all that busy ;)
24 Apr 11, 12:13 PM
SamOfTheBadger: but when I progress to script writting I'll shoot you an email if you're still up for it (Will most likely be over the summer, as my next project is still a ways off).
24 Apr 11, 12:12 PM
SamOfTheBadger: Thanks for the offer bro, proof reading is actually one of the things Cry Havoc could have certainly benefited from, and I'm defiantly looking into. I'm still in the conceptual phase at the moment,
21 Apr 11, 06:57 PM
Someone Else: I'm just throwing this out there, but if you want someone to help proof read your scripts, I'd be happy to help. I'm a second year Creative Writing student, so it'll be good experience for me.
21 Apr 11, 03:59 PM
SamOfTheBadger: For my next project I'm working on a more fantasy based world, its still in the planning phase now but I'll try to keep this site and my DA up to date with its developments.
8 Apr 11, 10:46 AM
Count Thalim: Well we'll be around for your next offering. Any hints on what genre it will be?
7 Apr 11, 08:22 PM
SamOfTheBadger: wrote. I’m trying to do that differently with the next one, work out the ENTIRE plot ahead of time, and have a stricter setting that dictates the story rather than letting the story build the setting.
7 Apr 11, 08:22 PM
SamOfTheBadger: Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support, makes writing a comic 1.23 * 10^11 times more rewarding. There was a lot of background material for cry havoc, the problem was alot of it was added as I
3 Apr 11, 03:52 PM
Xewleer: I have to agree with someone else. I wish I could have seen this, I will wait for your next project and support it if you put HALF as much thought into it as you did this one.
31 Mar 11, 03:30 AM
Someone Else: Nice, that explains quite a lot. I really wish that I could ahve seen the whole story drawn in all of its glory, now, and I can't wait to see your next one!
27 Mar 11, 05:11 PM
Someone Else: What was the bit about god's in the red wolf's prophecy? And what do the wolf's prophecies for the indiviudal members of the squad mean?
27 Mar 11, 05:29 AM
Count Thalim: What was Ashleys link to Venezuela? Just how old is she? What is the Coven and what were there plans?
25 Mar 11, 01:35 PM
Xewleer: In the end, did you plan for the world to end end, start it with werewolf popularce or renew ala ragnorok?
23 Mar 11, 11:11 AM
Verequus: What is the deal with the big red wolf? What are its plans regarding the werewolfs and Ashley? What would have been the overall plot of the comic?
22 Mar 11, 11:04 PM
Sam of the Badger: okay, just get a list of questions and i'll make a minipage or two to answer them, some may take a bit of explaining...
22 Mar 11, 11:25 AM
Count Thalim: Guess I'll start the questions then: Where did the original werewolf that infected the squad come from?
22 Mar 11, 12:55 AM
Someone Else: Well, damn. I'll have to start writing up a list of everything I want to ask XD.
21 Mar 11, 12:59 PM
Sam of the Badger: thanks guys, My next project won't be posted here,but I'll keep this site updated and link to it.
21 Mar 11, 08:42 AM
Xewleer: Well, I enjoyed it. And likely, I'll enjoy your next work too. Where are you going to post your next one?
20 Mar 11, 11:22 PM
Count Thalim: Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. No point in pushing something you are no longer comfortable with and a year is still impressive for a web comic, especially a first. Look forward to your next one.
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