1 Jun 15, 11:42 PM
Badger: how get good?
9 Dec 14, 05:58 PM
SG37: Its so cold where art anyone..... ]=
21 Nov 14, 11:50 AM
SG37: Smash 4 Wii U anyone?
8 Oct 14, 06:38 PM
RD is dead.: Ha, we get it earlier than those filthy asians
7 Oct 14, 01:06 PM
The Hype grows: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/oct/07/nintendo-confirms-smash-bros-wii-u-will-release-november-21st-declares-smash-bros-3ds-has-sold-28-million-copies-worldwide/
4 Oct 14, 08:13 PM
RD is dead.: maybe we'll revive with the wii u release
2 Oct 14, 08:52 PM
1 Oct 14, 12:16 PM
Chozo: okay you dirty faggots, assemble on friday evening to play the new video game
29 Sep 14, 03:38 AM
SG37: Im leaning more toward Greninja and Dark Pit atm (Rosalinas slowness concerns me atm....which saddens me
12 Sep 14, 06:56 PM
SG37: It looks like it
12 Sep 14, 06:53 PM
SG37: We should setup a meetup time everyone (its almost here
7 Sep 14, 03:18 PM
Princess Peach: I will be top tier again.
15 Jun 14, 09:00 PM
StarGalaxy: Scroll down to read?
15 Jun 14, 09:00 PM
StarGalaxy: Palutena (If Rosalina falls flat whih I hope she doesnt she looked like the next best chararcter in terms of a female character but I wish i had more info on her
15 Jun 14, 08:59 PM
StarGalaxy: in the game but now Sakurai is making it harder to choose and suddenly iI wish he wasnt in but i appreciate him nontheless)
15 Jun 14, 08:58 PM
StarGalaxy: Pac-Man (Pac man was honestly my first game I ever played and ever since then somewhere on each of my consoles i have a pacman and galaga game on them to play but does that warrent a spot? Im glad hes
15 Jun 14, 08:57 PM
StarGalaxy: Greninja (decided to swap out zard for him as a choiice after seeing him in action; he was my favorite Kalos starter all in all)
15 Jun 14, 08:56 PM
StarGalaxy: Rosalina (The lack of knowledge on her is concerning)
15 Jun 14, 08:55 PM
StarGalaxy: So right now Im set on thease top 4 charcters ranginf from lowest to hight priority one being a potential main the other a secondary
1 Jun 14, 10:43 PM
StarGalaxy: kk
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