22 Jun 12, 11:47 PM
rara the blogger: release tension here :) thanks :D
3 May 12, 09:40 PM
misrara: impressive :) like ur blog :D follow me!
14 Jan 10, 08:44 PM
funkysoulvinyls: hello,want to link blogs,ans on my cbox plz
4 Jan 10, 06:31 PM
Castle: Thanks FRV. I'll lookup the 12"
3 Jan 10, 11:16 AM
delasy: Very nice mix enjoying it this Sunday morning. Check my podcasts sometime. Peace out
25 Dec 09, 12:27 AM
~FRV~: dont you ever wonder was sung by "the flava" from manchester
25 Dec 09, 12:25 AM
~FRV~: castle my pleasure mate , ill have a listen now and list em
25 Dec 09, 12:24 AM
~FRV~: hey stevie , hows tricks ? back2basics still going strong i see , good stuff , still such a big love for the tunes of yesteryears , long may it live !!
22 Dec 09, 02:08 PM
Castle: The song "Don't you ever wonder baby how we get on through..." who sung it? Great song, just before Caron Wheeler.
22 Dec 09, 12:46 AM
Castle: FRV, I loved your mix. Is there a list of the songs in the mix here? I liked the last song (who was it)and plenty others in there but don't know the names of some songs or artists. Again, a great mix!
15 Dec 09, 07:59 AM
BLACKMARY: YOU LOVER OF BLACK MUSIC? THEN YOUR PLACE IS HERE.CONGRTULTIONS FOR YOUR BLOG Congratulations for your blog- http://blackmarybestfriend.blogspot.com/
13 Dec 09, 06:24 PM
StevieStreet: Yes my man FRV - Kool Blog , i shall be a regular visitor :)
12 Dec 09, 12:22 PM
~FRV~: sry everything ofline til a couple o days
9 Dec 09, 03:00 PM
~FRV~: gonna have to take about five of these tunes down and re upload em , quality aint good enough for the front room vibe ...
6 Dec 09, 11:29 AM
funkysoulvinyls: hello.thx for link, done same for u , fsv
2 Dec 09, 02:30 PM
~FRV~: and in movie maker i usually set the video to around 25-35 mb each
2 Dec 09, 02:29 PM
~FRV~: cheers castle , after ripping from vynil at around 44800 hz and 24 bit , i use either mp3 or wav files in xp movie maker
2 Dec 09, 01:51 PM
castle: Great sounds and sound quality. What format/equipment do you use to get the sound this clear? Top site man!
29 Nov 09, 02:03 AM
MrE: yeah only jokin mate...keep up the good works...both of you
28 Nov 09, 08:30 PM
badboysoul: Correct! I think there's enough gaps in my posts that can be filled up, you've proved that already. Looking forward to more posts.
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