3 Jan 18, 10:37 AM
DH: @Helen Same and it was! Happy New Year!
31 Dec 17, 01:13 PM
Helen: I know we're all in different time zones but Happy New Year to you all and I hope your 2018 is simply amazing! <3
31 Dec 17, 01:13 PM
Helen: @DH: Mine was spent with family too. It was a really loooong day! Hope you had a good one! :)
24 Dec 17, 12:54 PM
DH: @Helen Spending it with the family :) How about yourself?
20 Dec 17, 11:47 AM
Helen: What are everyone's plans for Christmas?
26 Nov 17, 05:27 AM
Delonss: Hello, I've just seen your review about "control" by Cordelia Kingsbridge. I used to translate her work, a few years ago, for the french public. Did you save any of it ? Thank you for ur help :)
7 Nov 17, 09:45 PM
DH: @Helen Hey, it's still words :) Good!
7 Nov 17, 11:31 AM
Helen: @DH: Scrap that! I found you :)
7 Nov 17, 11:30 AM
Helen: @DH: What's your handle so we can be writing buddies?
7 Nov 17, 11:30 AM
Helen: @DH: That's good going! I've got less than 2500 but I'm determined to spend tomorrow blasting it out :)
5 Nov 17, 07:43 PM
DH: @Helen I'm about to hit 8k. How about yourself?
5 Nov 17, 07:14 PM
Helen: @DH: Of course! What's your count looking?
5 Nov 17, 01:45 AM
DH: I am! Are you participating?
2 Nov 17, 12:58 PM
Helen: NaNoWriMo 2017 is here. Day 2. Whose writing?
22 Oct 17, 11:09 AM
Helen: Sharing Sunday: What books have you guys read this week and highly recommend to our fellow bibliophiles?
22 Oct 17, 11:09 AM
Helen: Hey AdoRites! I've seen quite a few of the author pages I follow on facebook do this so I thought I'd adopt it and bring some life to the cbox! "Sharing Sunday"... So...
9 Oct 17, 12:33 PM
Serena: @Emily, I have heard of it, but I can't remember what it is called.
13 Sep 17, 01:55 AM
Emily: Thank you for the help! And I still love this site! I always come back to it whenever I want to read my favorite FP stories!!
13 Sep 17, 01:54 AM
Emily: (Cont Cont) There is a sequel (I think) and it's about the girl's older brother and how he deals with the pain. And he becomes a tattoo apprentice and falls in love with tattoo shop owner.
13 Sep 17, 01:51 AM
Emily: (cont) She finds the man who is in relation to the boy her father killed. In the story the boy was intentionally thought to be the nephew of the man but is really his son.
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