9 Jul 17, 03:03 PM
Serena: I feel like things are coming a lot faster for me this month as well. I actually have time to sit down and write.
7 Jul 17, 11:27 PM
DH: ...and helping one another when we're stuck. It's definitely the most active cabin that I've ever been in.
7 Jul 17, 11:27 PM
DH: Aw, shucks. Haha, it's mostly because I have a great cabin. I don't think I've ever been at 18k (now) by this point if it weren't for my cabin mates. We've been doing a great deal of word sprint...
5 Jul 17, 10:40 AM
Helen: @DH: OMG! That's a great word count. Way to go you!
5 Jul 17, 09:48 AM
DH: There's still plenty of time :) I have a little over 14k.
4 Jul 17, 03:31 PM
Helen: @DH. 0. Same for the day 2, 3 and maybe 4. Let's see what happens when I finish work :) You?
1 Jul 17, 09:22 PM
DH: @Helen How did day one go for you?
29 Jun 17, 04:52 PM
Helen: My new laptop arrived a week early with Microsoft word already installed. It's a sign that this time camp nano and I might actually be friends.
29 Jun 17, 08:39 AM
DH: Haha, I'll have to check it out, then.
28 Jun 17, 10:42 AM
Helen: @DH: Yes! Feel so accomplished lol
27 Jun 17, 09:10 PM
DH: @Helen did you get your SCed posted?
24 Jun 17, 03:48 PM
Helen: Just over 24 hours (depending where you all are!) until SC closes. How we all getting on?
23 Jun 17, 05:15 PM
Helen: I've finished my starcrossed entry now to find the balls to post it :D
23 Jun 17, 05:14 PM
Helen: @Serena: Hey there! Things are great. How are things with you?
20 Jun 17, 03:35 PM
Serena: Hello, ladies! How it is going? I feel like I've been on here in forever.
14 Jun 17, 12:02 PM
Helen: @DH: Now that the link is up I'm looking forward to your entry :D
13 Jun 17, 09:46 PM
DH: @Helen It's alright :) I wasn't overly worried about it. I figured y'all were just busy (I have been myself). @Juliet Awesome! Thank you! :)
11 Jun 17, 10:37 PM
Juliet: @DH: I've posted the link!
11 Jun 17, 02:05 PM
Helen: @DH: Whoops forgot about that formatting flaw. I'll drop Juliet another message lovely :)
10 Jun 17, 10:45 PM
DH: @Helen I'm doing it! I'm just waiting to be able to submit it.
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