20 Jun 17, 03:35 PM
Serena: Hello, ladies! How it is going? I feel like I've been on here in forever.
14 Jun 17, 12:02 PM
Helen: @DH: Now that the link is up I'm looking forward to your entry :D
13 Jun 17, 09:46 PM
DH: @Helen It's alright :) I wasn't overly worried about it. I figured y'all were just busy (I have been myself). @Juliet Awesome! Thank you! :)
11 Jun 17, 10:37 PM
Juliet: @DH: I've posted the link!
11 Jun 17, 02:05 PM
Helen: @DH: Whoops forgot about that formatting flaw. I'll drop Juliet another message lovely :)
10 Jun 17, 10:45 PM
DH: @Helen I'm doing it! I'm just waiting to be able to submit it.
9 Jun 17, 06:34 AM
@Melissa: it's alright, my fault for not remembering the title of the story itself but thanks for the help and those two looks like good read too. Thank You :D
7 Jun 17, 10:47 AM
Melissa: (cont) https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2556182/1/One-Year-Stand Sorry I couldn't be of more help! Good luck!
7 Jun 17, 10:46 AM
Melissa: @Rachel, this was a really hard one! I don't think any of these are it, but here's a few stories I found (just in case): https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2543704/1/Random-Thoughts
7 Jun 17, 10:10 AM
Helen: Wednesday night is a quiet one for me at work so going to attempt to finish my SC entry. Who else is entering?
3 Jun 17, 10:40 AM
Rachel: @Melissa As for the story I am looking for the main character is a aspiring wedding planner and the best friend is actually gay while the brother is in a band. Thank you so much for your help! :D
3 Jun 17, 10:39 AM
Rachel: @Melissa I remember its a short story with a few chapters and it's a side story to another story where the main guy character works for the military and the girl is a famous person.
1 Jun 17, 12:28 PM
Melissa: @Rachel, is there anything else you can remember about it? Any specific plot/character details? I'll use my superpower to find it :D
1 Jun 17, 12:22 PM
Helen: There's another NaNo in July. I'm setting a small target of 10k to try and achieve something. Anyone else tempted?
26 May 17, 01:46 AM
Rachel: Hi, I am looking for a story about a girl who is in love with her best friend's brother but she lied to the older brother and state she is in love with the best friend. Does anyone recall the title?
21 May 17, 08:42 AM
DH: @Helen Okay, thanks!
18 May 17, 10:25 AM
Helen: @DH: I'll message Juliet and let her know lovely x
17 May 17, 10:09 PM
DH: I went to submit my SCed, but the submission link didn't work for me...
16 May 17, 08:40 AM
DH: I finished, but barely. NaNo and Starcrossed are pretty much the only time I write now.
12 May 17, 02:29 PM
Helen: @DH: I don't even know why I try. But I'm determined to get in the swing of writing again. I've rejoined fanfiction which is helping. Yourself?
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