16 Mar 17, 04:20 PM
Helen: @DH: That's why I'm always around to give everyone a friendly reminder ;) And yay! Great use of the time! How's your SC coming along?
10 Mar 17, 10:50 PM
DH: @Helen I completely forgot about CampNaNo. I probably will. I need to work on my SCed entry more and the sequel that I'm working on for FP. Maybe that will be my motivation.
9 Mar 17, 03:25 PM
Helen: Guys it's almost time for Camp NaNo. Whose participating this year?
9 Mar 17, 03:25 PM
Helen: @emmslay: It's not ringing any bells and I've tried searching for it. Anything else you can remember about it?
1 Mar 17, 11:33 PM
emmslay: Hi! I am looking for a story on FP that was written several years ago. It's about a girl who comes back from boarding school and her brother hates her. But she is trying to live her live.
31 Jan 17, 08:31 PM
DH: @Helen Okay, cool :)
29 Jan 17, 10:49 AM
Helen: @DH: I'll send Juliet a message and see what's happening :)
28 Jan 17, 06:34 PM
DH: When will the new prompts and the reviews for last round be posted?
28 Jan 17, 03:24 PM
DH: @Helen in some parts it was good and some parts it wasn't :/
24 Jan 17, 10:25 AM
Helen: @DH: It was like really badly written fanfiction :(
18 Jan 17, 12:56 PM
DH: You definitely should. CC was alright, but I didn't think it was up to par with the rest of the series.
18 Jan 17, 12:12 PM
Helen: @DH: I like the sound of that - really struggled with CC! - I'll be going to get FBAWTFT on my next day out in town :D
17 Jan 17, 11:33 PM
DH: @Helen It was really good! I thought it was a lot better than Cursed Child.
17 Jan 17, 10:49 AM
Helen: @DH: I really want to read that! Is it a good read? Did you read Cursed Child?
17 Jan 17, 10:49 AM
Helen: @DH: Sorry. I wasn't meant to send that twice ha!
17 Jan 17, 10:49 AM
Helen: @DH: Great target! What book(s) have you read so far this year?
15 Jan 17, 03:22 PM
DH: @Helen Fantastic Beasts of course :) I got it for Christmas.
15 Jan 17, 01:48 PM
Helen: @DH: Great target. And what was your first read for 2017?
15 Jan 17, 12:43 AM
DH: @Helen I set mine to 50 :)
14 Jan 17, 03:49 PM
Helen: What's everyone's goodreads targets for 2017?
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