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5 Dec 18, 18:43
Kali (cyber-monkey): Hallo?
7 Nov 18, 04:04
Sharmia: Yeah the other one deff looks more appealing
7 Nov 18, 04:03
Sharmia: Aight word
27 Oct 18, 23:24
Carter: i mean if people want to keep using this version even with the tapatalk conversion its not like i am forcing anyne to joi the new site to rp xD
27 Oct 18, 23:23
Carter: copy paste what you want to keep but we cant move topics around two different forums
26 Oct 18, 04:09
Sharmia: If they cant are they a least safe here?
26 Oct 18, 04:07
Sharmia: How is that all gunna transfer or is it gunna stay here lol
26 Oct 18, 04:07
Sharmia: Like all the stories and topics and stuff
26 Oct 18, 04:05
Sharmia: I mean I'll transfer the codes and whatnot i just wanna know if theres more to it
26 Oct 18, 04:04
Sharmia: Well how am i to transfer my money and all that shiz
17 Oct 18, 12:53
Carter: If you move to the new forum you have to make a new account. But you can just reuse your inventory if you want. Since there are old mod records for them available to us.
16 Oct 18, 03:47
Sharmia: Gotta copy pasta nd shiz
16 Oct 18, 03:46
Sharmia: Do I have to re-sign up? Like is everything converted or wat
13 Oct 18, 19:20
Carter: I am having a hell of a time making posts, finding my links, etc on the tapatalk conversion. I am sure its even more difficult on a normal member account. At least with admin controls i can access closed forums. Yet another reason for me to keep working on a new webpage for avalon. [link]
12 Oct 18, 07:07
Sharmia: Couldnt find someone raising a sword so theres that..
12 Oct 18, 07:06
Sharmia: Avalon shall live on tho. Avalon forever BRUSHYBRUSHY
12 Oct 18, 07:00
Sharmia: I weep for the future
12 Oct 18, 07:00
Sharmia: Blame Fartnite imean.. Fortnite
11 Oct 18, 23:46
Carter: [×]Carter: yeah it works, just cant see it on site anymore thanks tapatalk. i am slowly working on making a new avalon version using jcink if anyone wants to give it a shot. but even before zetaboards sold themselves out avalon has been dead. even trying to do events and giveaways doesnt help much. just there is not a lot of people do forum roleplays anymore aside from the occassional spurt of activity...
9 Oct 18, 06:42
Sharmia: :ninja:
8 Oct 18, 23:22
OctoNyd: Does this box even still work
5 Oct 18, 04:13
Sharmia: Dang. Dark times indeed..
5 Oct 18, 04:13
Sharmia: :tumbleweed:
5 Oct 18, 04:11
Sharmia: Ah man no more marshmellow
5 Oct 18, 04:11
Sharmia: :sharmia:
22 Sep 18, 15:04
Denthúl: Unfortunately activity is pretty minimal.
21 Sep 18, 18:51
Abear: Guess lI'll just hang out on discord for a while then check back. Or I might work on one of my books. Not sure.
21 Sep 18, 18:50
Abear: Obviously not now. Okay
21 Sep 18, 18:25
Abear: So, when are most people on these days?
21 Sep 18, 18:24
Abear: Thanks
21 Sep 18, 18:22
Denthúl: Welcome back. :)
21 Sep 18, 18:16
Abear: But I'm back now. And I plan to stay
21 Sep 18, 18:14
Abear: Doing well. I can't believe that I forgot about Avalon for over a year though. Sorry everyone.
21 Sep 18, 18:12
Denthúl: Well enough. You?
21 Sep 18, 18:12
Abear: How are you?
21 Sep 18, 18:12
Denthúl: Hi there.
21 Sep 18, 18:11
Abear: Hey guys. It's been forever.
21 Sep 18, 03:08
Carter: [link]
21 Sep 18, 03:08
Carter: if anyone has preferences, i made a poll. keep in mind that this doesn't mean a move is guaranteed at this point. but i been heavily considering it since the announcement of zetaboards going defunct
21 Sep 18, 02:48
Carter: am playing with jcink now. i got forums saved for avalpn in proboards, forummotion, and jclink
21 Sep 18, 02:15
Netmaster: AONI
20 Sep 18, 13:18
Salemcat: Aren't most of the admin in discord? Might be a better place to start. /shrug
20 Sep 18, 13:05
Denthúl: Heh.
19 Sep 18, 20:28
Carter: And sharm, apparently the conversion reset all the custom titles, so they are back to the board default ones i set up ages ago. Like I am now a muse. :p
19 Sep 18, 20:25
Carter: I already sent a mass email to all admins . Either it didnt work or too many dont use their emails registered to the board anymore. Other than that and discord i dont have a way to contact anyone. Soooo...
19 Sep 18, 02:00
Sharmia: Pay me bishes
19 Sep 18, 02:00
Sharmia: Wow it even says adventurer under her name i dont even remember inputting that like that wat
19 Sep 18, 01:59
Sharmia: Found it
19 Sep 18, 01:54
Sharmia: But srsly tho wheres my stuff
19 Sep 18, 01:52
Sharmia: Ask Bianca what to do lel
19 Sep 18, 01:51
Sharmia: Can never sue adventure time now rofl
19 Sep 18, 01:50
Sharmia: Okay so is all my stuff gone
18 Sep 18, 17:09
Denthúl: So, this is kind of pants.
18 Sep 18, 12:17
Salemcat: And the built in shop/bank system can't be beat
18 Sep 18, 12:17
Salemcat: It's very similar to invision/zeta - very quick to learn
18 Sep 18, 12:17
Salemcat: Ultimately staff's decision, obviously, but I've been very happy with the JCINK CP
17 Sep 18, 23:45
Carter: i was looking at forum motion and proboards. proboards i have a little bit of XP in. but forum motion has options for an invisionfree style, among others
17 Sep 18, 23:43
Carter: a week late but yeah i have some new avalons set up on different hosts. but never got an answer from other staff about a possible transfer over plus thel ogistics of trying to relink al lthe old members to check it out. havent done anthing with them
17 Sep 18, 23:42
Carter: yeah i am not happy. and it is not easy to use as zeta/if was.
16 Sep 18, 15:07
Salemcat: Well Tapatalk looks like pewp as predicted
13 Sep 18, 07:54
Ivar: I can't log into my other accounts without making more emails for each of them
12 Sep 18, 20:11
Morgana: ewwww it's ugly!
12 Sep 18, 10:59
Ivar: Wow Tapatalk is crap. Force email change if an email is associated with more than one account
11 Sep 18, 06:12
Aoni: Morning!
10 Sep 18, 15:23
Aoni: >.> *spies Jian*
10 Sep 18, 10:14
Aoni: OR - get me on Discord - Althea#7087 just remind me who you are if your name is different lol
10 Sep 18, 10:13
Aoni: If you have to change server let me know - I'll keep an eye on here, or use the link and find me there, I'm Lily on there. And if I can help in anyway just let me know! I dont want Avalon to die, and I think between us all we could revive it
10 Sep 18, 10:02
Aoni: My site is through Jcink - [link] that's a link so you can see example of the skin, I have a few diff skins but Im not sure if guests can see them all or only our current default - but Avalon would look awesome with something like that and the admin controls are all nice and easy too. And it has a cbox and my graphics person is going to integrate discord into it as we have Discord for it too. These might be things you've already considered but I dont want to see Avalon die - I practically grew up here. Here is what got me into writing and without the influences of the people I met and wrote with here I may have never gone on to develop my writing further
10 Sep 18, 09:56
Aoni: Carter/ Salem/ Jian & Co have you guys thought about Jcink? If Zetaboards is closing maybe its something to consider and the graphics for it can be pretty cool
10 Sep 18, 09:49
Aoni: Carter has a discord! I have a Discord too! <3
10 Sep 18, 09:44
Aoni: *curls on Denthul* so many old faces <3 it and the new ones too of course
10 Sep 18, 09:41
Aoni: O.O
5 Sep 18, 06:46
Denthúl: Whoa, a Sharm.
5 Sep 18, 01:20
Carter: And dude that is so old you done got whatever the prize was years ago
5 Sep 18, 01:19
Carter: Shaaarrrmmmmmmm
3 Sep 18, 17:38
Sharmia: Wait I have a mystery box? Dang Cart open that shiz!
3 Sep 18, 17:33
Sharmia: MedD
3 Sep 18, 17:32
Sharmia: Months? Poor ol cbox 😔 Anyway.. battery dying. Good to see yall still alive. May catch ye later ✌
3 Sep 18, 17:27
Sharmia: Ah cbox cencorship... been too long
3 Sep 18, 17:27
Sharmia: Funny i always come round when pewp be happenin
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