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Dwarven Caravan
16 Dec 17, 05:10
Carter: Working on getting wifi back to my computer. Got a box of computer stuffs out of storage and trying to find a wireless card that works. Then I can save my phone data which has been draining quickly due to tethering my phone to compy as an internet source
11 Dec 17, 21:31
Carter: Still having power outages o.o even tho the sno had beem gone for like 60 hours... it messed with alot of power lines and internet cables...
10 Dec 17, 04:01
Carter: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. We actually had snow. It was fun ... FOR A FEW HOURS BUT NOW OUR CAR IS STUCK AT THE HOTEL CAUSE OF ALL THE ICE AND SLUSH. AAAAHHHHHHH! .... Anyway. Hi. :wollem:
7 Dec 17, 06:35
Carter: Laaaaaaaniiiii
7 Dec 17, 02:18
Lantana: I can't believe I just missed Den and Rolky!
5 Dec 17, 04:08
Carter: Blegh. Once these migraines go away ...
2 Dec 17, 18:55
Carter: Just got all moved in to a better hotel. Was staying in a roach infested motel 6. Then I was sick with a sinus infection, finally went to dr for antibiotics, and now recovering from tje side effects of said antibiotics. Now back to trying to find an apartment >> I'll be closing the Thanksgiving money giveaway in a week, then attempt posting some gifties for Christmas! Also wifi js better here.
27 Nov 17, 22:26
OctoNyd: *stalks all lonely like
27 Nov 17, 15:05
Salemcat: /peeks a peeking Liri
27 Nov 17, 15:01
Lirial: *peeks in*
26 Nov 17, 20:39
Carter: -hugs den from afar-
24 Nov 17, 06:04
Denthúl: :shifty:
23 Nov 17, 12:57
Carter: Happy thanksgiving, 'Muricans :p
20 Nov 17, 15:10
Hopea: Free jolt of energy tho!
20 Nov 17, 03:36
Carter: Welp. Now the room above ours has this chick who is ALWAYS running the tub/shower which has resulted in our bathroom below leaking water out of the walls and light fixtures AND its getting booked solid here without available rooms due to upcoming holidays. Sooooo having to invest in a bucket to catch water, and try to avoid touching the wall with thw light/switch so as to avoid getting actually electrocuted. The drama never ends
16 Nov 17, 21:40
OctoNyd: I'll post with anyone who wants
16 Nov 17, 20:41
Carter: Only reason i havent fixrd the broken images is due to photobucket being inaccessable, so I haveent been able to resave/find replacement ones woth this slow wifi
16 Nov 17, 20:41
Carter: Well I basically am as is. It just takes me longer to shop mod but i keep up with killing adbots, registering new accounts, etc
16 Nov 17, 06:12
Hopea: That said I'm sure if someone were to keep Avalon running (even in a lower capacity) people would drop by every now and then
16 Nov 17, 06:12
Hopea: It is a dying art/medium and there's a lot of competition that does things differently enough from everyone else they stand out and there actually being activity draws even more people in there.
16 Nov 17, 03:57
Carter: But I have noticed over the past 3 years or so that invisionfree/zetaboard, proboards, and other forums using the play by post roleplaying systems have been a dying breed for awhile now. So ...thats life I guess. I wont give up on checking up on things here COMPLETELY. Alas it is difficult keeping the site active whem all the membera have either moved on (from site or writing post type roleplays, euther way) or are too busy with work and/or school to continue writing in their free time
16 Nov 17, 03:53
Carter: Well I am kinda homeless right now (got a cheap motel to stay in but its not really 'home') so for obvious reasons I have not had time/energy/stable enough internet connection to be able to do much online. I mostly been laying around filling up applications and watching youtube on my phone ... when the motel wifi decides to work. I wanted to do an event here for halloween, moved plans to thanksgiving. But now its getting to be further delayed since tmobile being decided to change how my data plan works ... AGAIN.
15 Nov 17, 17:56
Aedaen: Find other ways/sites to rp and fill our time
15 Nov 17, 17:50
OctoNyd: Now what are we supposed to do with ourselves
15 Nov 17, 17:27
Aedaen: Indeed Avy has run it's course.
15 Nov 17, 17:11
Salemcat: Unfortunately Avy is ded
15 Nov 17, 17:10
OctoNyd: I miss you guys though
15 Nov 17, 16:55
Aedaen: Indeed. So have I.
15 Nov 17, 16:55
Salemcat: I've moved on, sadly.
15 Nov 17, 16:55
Salemcat: Same
15 Nov 17, 16:52
Aedaen: I pop in and out though sometimes I go a week or more without opening it up.
15 Nov 17, 16:52
Aedaen: Sometimes
15 Nov 17, 16:35
Salemcat: Are there actually people in the cbox?
15 Nov 17, 16:08
Substick (Veratol): Hello
15 Nov 17, 15:56
Avian: Thats okay Rolk ^^ its understandable. And alright! Soon ad im.settled down south ill do my best to try and set something up.
15 Nov 17, 12:50
OctoNyd: I'll post with you
15 Nov 17, 12:50
OctoNyd: *lurks!
15 Nov 17, 12:30
Salemcat: /rolls for old times sake
15 Nov 17, 06:00
Rolky: Sorry avi sadly dont really have the tine/capability to post these days: [
14 Nov 17, 15:10
Avian: I spy Hopea
14 Nov 17, 14:54
Avian: Exams are over... i want to write damn it
12 Nov 17, 00:59
OctoNyd: Aww my friends ❤
10 Nov 17, 23:56
Carter: Wifi being derpy...
10 Nov 17, 13:50
Avian: Missed you too OctoNyd's!
10 Nov 17, 01:27
Aedaen: -combat rolls around-
9 Nov 17, 12:28
OctoNyd: I've missed youuuu~
9 Nov 17, 04:25
Avian: Nyyds~
8 Nov 17, 20:04
Carter: Time to stab some bandit faces
8 Nov 17, 20:04
Carter: Soooooo over the bs going in with life. Might need to do some raaaage killing things posts soon. Since i cant get away with killing what is pissing me off RL :p
8 Nov 17, 18:58
OctoNyd: Oh it's avi~❤
8 Nov 17, 01:55
Avian: Rolk we must post
8 Nov 17, 01:54
Avian: XD
7 Nov 17, 09:27
Rolky: Were all babas next to you old timer : p
6 Nov 17, 17:43
Carter: Nah, spring chickens!
6 Nov 17, 15:25
Avian: Ancients ^^;
5 Nov 17, 18:31
OctoNyd: 14 years eh?
5 Nov 17, 18:16
Rolky: My first accout would have been 14 years ago
5 Nov 17, 17:25
OctoNyd: The cat lives
4 Nov 17, 20:55
Salemcat: 12 years for me.
4 Nov 17, 14:17
OctoNyd: Now don't we all feel.old ❤
4 Nov 17, 09:30
Avian: it was my 10th year in september lol
3 Nov 17, 17:54
OctoNyd: I've been here 8?
3 Nov 17, 17:54
OctoNyd: Wait no that math doesn't work.
3 Nov 17, 17:54
OctoNyd: I just realized I've been here almost ten years
3 Nov 17, 14:55
OctoNyd: I am too but I like green
3 Nov 17, 14:27
Rolky: Im nostalgic what can i say:)
3 Nov 17, 14:25
OctoNyd: I like the green theme better tbh
3 Nov 17, 13:17
Carter: Yeah photobucket decided to suck
3 Nov 17, 13:16
Carter: Yooooo
3 Nov 17, 06:59
Rolky: My beloved red theme is dead t_t
3 Nov 17, 06:55
Rolky: *float*
3 Nov 17, 06:54
Rolky: *lurk*
2 Nov 17, 22:41
Carter: Well I will still answer :p
1 Nov 17, 23:42
OctoNyd: "oh look a friend- oh two hours ago"
1 Nov 17, 22:13
Carter: Tho I stopped really using photobucket for NEW uploads years ago. Far too ad/popup heavy to load on my ancient computer anymore anyway :p
1 Nov 17, 22:12
Carter: Am usually still around just not always answering in chat. Also apparently all the photobucket accounts i been using the past 13+ years ... have emails i no longer access and must resend validation emails to as it has been so long since i logged in. So literally thousands of saved images, sig banners, item icons, inaccessible. Sooo i guess evenutally I'll be resaving some things here 'jist in case' and reload to imgur.
1 Nov 17, 16:17
Aedaen: Something like that
1 Nov 17, 15:27
OctoNyd: When people miss eachother by hours on this box
1 Nov 17, 13:34
Aedaen: Yo
1 Nov 17, 04:43
Avian: hey all
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