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Dwarven Caravan
20 Sep 18, 12:18
Salemcat: Aren't most of the admin in discord? Might be a better place to start. /shrug
20 Sep 18, 12:05
Denthúl: Heh.
19 Sep 18, 19:28
Carter: And sharm, apparently the conversion reset all the custom titles, so they are back to the board default ones i set up ages ago. Like I am now a muse. :p
19 Sep 18, 19:25
Carter: I already sent a mass email to all admins . Either it didnt work or too many dont use their emails registered to the board anymore. Other than that and discord i dont have a way to contact anyone. Soooo...
19 Sep 18, 01:00
Sharmia: Pay me bishes
19 Sep 18, 01:00
Sharmia: Wow it even says adventurer under her name i dont even remember inputting that like that wat
19 Sep 18, 00:59
Sharmia: Found it
19 Sep 18, 00:54
Sharmia: But srsly tho wheres my stuff
19 Sep 18, 00:52
Sharmia: Ask Bianca what to do lel
19 Sep 18, 00:51
Sharmia: Can never sue adventure time now rofl
19 Sep 18, 00:50
Sharmia: Okay so is all my stuff gone
18 Sep 18, 16:09
Denthúl: So, this is kind of pants.
18 Sep 18, 11:17
Salemcat: And the built in shop/bank system can't be beat
18 Sep 18, 11:17
Salemcat: It's very similar to invision/zeta - very quick to learn
18 Sep 18, 11:17
Salemcat: Ultimately staff's decision, obviously, but I've been very happy with the JCINK CP
17 Sep 18, 22:45
Carter: i was looking at forum motion and proboards. proboards i have a little bit of XP in. but forum motion has options for an invisionfree style, among others
17 Sep 18, 22:43
Carter: a week late but yeah i have some new avalons set up on different hosts. but never got an answer from other staff about a possible transfer over plus thel ogistics of trying to relink al lthe old members to check it out. havent done anthing with them
17 Sep 18, 22:42
Carter: yeah i am not happy. and it is not easy to use as zeta/if was.
16 Sep 18, 14:07
Salemcat: Well Tapatalk looks like pewp as predicted
13 Sep 18, 06:54
Ivar: I can't log into my other accounts without making more emails for each of them
12 Sep 18, 19:11
Morgana: ewwww it's ugly!
12 Sep 18, 09:59
Ivar: Wow Tapatalk is crap. Force email change if an email is associated with more than one account
11 Sep 18, 05:12
Aoni: Morning!
10 Sep 18, 14:23
Aoni: >.> *spies Jian*
10 Sep 18, 09:14
Aoni: OR - get me on Discord - Althea#7087 just remind me who you are if your name is different lol
10 Sep 18, 09:13
Aoni: If you have to change server let me know - I'll keep an eye on here, or use the link and find me there, I'm Lily on there. And if I can help in anyway just let me know! I dont want Avalon to die, and I think between us all we could revive it
10 Sep 18, 09:02
Aoni: My site is through Jcink - [link] that's a link so you can see example of the skin, I have a few diff skins but Im not sure if guests can see them all or only our current default - but Avalon would look awesome with something like that and the admin controls are all nice and easy too. And it has a cbox and my graphics person is going to integrate discord into it as we have Discord for it too. These might be things you've already considered but I dont want to see Avalon die - I practically grew up here. Here is what got me into writing and without the influences of the people I met and wrote with here I may have never gone on to develop my writing further
10 Sep 18, 08:56
Aoni: Carter/ Salem/ Jian & Co have you guys thought about Jcink? If Zetaboards is closing maybe its something to consider and the graphics for it can be pretty cool
10 Sep 18, 08:49
Aoni: Carter has a discord! I have a Discord too! <3
10 Sep 18, 08:44
Aoni: *curls on Denthul* so many old faces <3 it and the new ones too of course
10 Sep 18, 08:41
Aoni: O.O
5 Sep 18, 05:46
Denthúl: Whoa, a Sharm.
5 Sep 18, 00:20
Carter: And dude that is so old you done got whatever the prize was years ago
5 Sep 18, 00:19
Carter: Shaaarrrmmmmmmm
3 Sep 18, 16:38
Sharmia: Wait I have a mystery box? Dang Cart open that shiz!
3 Sep 18, 16:33
Sharmia: MedD
3 Sep 18, 16:32
Sharmia: Months? Poor ol cbox 😔 Anyway.. battery dying. Good to see yall still alive. May catch ye later ✌
3 Sep 18, 16:27
Sharmia: Ah cbox cencorship... been too long
3 Sep 18, 16:27
Sharmia: Funny i always come round when pewp be happenin
3 Sep 18, 16:24
Sharmia: Last episode of Adventure Time soon. They still owe me money for Marceline >->
2 Sep 18, 20:22
Denthúl: Hooray for better hotels and WiFi.
2 Sep 18, 16:17
Carter: If people want to start coming back and being active again I am more than willing to use my free time to start working on things again. I do check in every day or few to see if there is any one trying to live here. Or yell at me in discord, I always got my alerts on.
2 Sep 18, 16:15
Carter: Moved to a better hotel in a better area (was living in a high crime area, had to save up funds to move further out into the country) and have actually working wifi now. :D
13 Aug 18, 00:49
Carter: still poke about every few days but not really able to do anything due to bad connection
11 Aug 18, 00:32
OctoNyd: Yeah it's p dead
10 Aug 18, 23:23
Amnestria: so quiet
10 Aug 18, 22:38
Amnestria: been a few years since I have been here. Looks like CB has calmed way down from what it use to be.
10 Aug 18, 22:37
Amnestria: hey guys
9 Aug 18, 17:15
Carter: Its ok i guess. Something new to get used to. I am just concerned over exactly how much is going to change in the cp and what creative control we will still have. But time will tell
9 Aug 18, 15:03
Salemcat: This is what migrated forums look like after: [link]
8 Aug 18, 23:45
Carter: no idea what will and will not change in the switch, zeta is not beign very informational in this regard ;p
8 Aug 18, 10:36
Ivar: Besides the nobility revamps more recently
8 Aug 18, 10:36
Ivar: Hasn't been any mechanic changes in a long while, all still the same general systems
8 Aug 18, 10:33
Teario: Let me know if there's something I can do to help migrating or fixing things up after the switch. Should be at least able to scrape post counts to prevent gold loss or something. Assuming that's still how gold works. I have been away for a looong time.
3 Aug 18, 01:09
Carter: [link] admin post
2 Aug 18, 18:37
Denthúl: Hmm, that's interesting.
2 Aug 18, 00:07
Carter: For the move option, i like forummotion, it has an invisionfree style format/coding, skin/theme options, and looks the closest ro zetaboards as we are used to
1 Aug 18, 23:48
Carter: Recommendations I have gotten thus far are 1) wait and see what happens and hope for the best.2) Or go ahead and start your board over on another (preferably established) existing platform (jlink, proboards, etc.)
1 Aug 18, 23:42
Carter: I know all themes and probably images (though like 80% of ours died anyway due to photobucket limiting bandwidth over the years) will be rendered useless/broken). Bad enough that all the zetaboard forums focused on sharing themes and teaching users how to code their own, are basically shutting down as it will be too difficult to try and reformat for tapatalk.
1 Aug 18, 13:35
Salemcat: Wanted to give LoA staff as much of a head's up as possible so the proper preparations can be made... Though I don't know if it's much of a priority. The site's never been this dead. Still, I didn't want to give up on it. <3
1 Aug 18, 13:33
Salemcat: I'm not in the LoA ACP, obviously, and I haven't used zeta from an admin's standpoint in a long time, but I'd expect that whenever this migration happens (haven't been able to find a timeline) LoA will look completely different... and might be rendered unusable the way we've been using it thus far.
1 Aug 18, 13:33
Salemcat: Feels like a big deal to me. Essentially Zetaboards is shutting down and all boards are being migrated to Tapatalk whether they want to be or not. The migration comes with quite a few headaches and bugs and things that will be missing from Zeta on the other end of the migration.
1 Aug 18, 13:32
Salemcat: Here's more info: [link]
31 Jul 18, 20:34
Carter: read it, not surewhat it will mean fo us in the future, but it looks like they're trying to be moore compatable with mobile devices?
30 Jul 18, 13:48
Salemcat: Some important info for admins: [link] Just found out today
27 Jul 18, 01:20
Carter: Mptel wifi issnt the most stable connection
27 Jul 18, 01:19
Carter: Some of us are still lurking around. I gor plans to work on things but right now in a crappy living situation and also dont have the best internet situation
25 Jul 18, 18:23
Riku Tensei: Is the site dead?
24 Jul 18, 22:48
Carter: data doesn't reset for another week. but am sorta around
24 Jul 18, 17:51
Riku Tensei: Hello?
13 Jul 18, 19:19
Denthúl: Hope everything works out well, Carter.
12 Jul 18, 17:49
Carter: Low on data, internet at a snail's pace and dont reset till end of the month ... currently still apartment hunting so using motel wifi is barely existent. Been busy taking care of sick pets and family in hospital recently . But still think of you guys often and will try to work on things / make replies soon. Hopefully I get out of this situation by next month so I can get stable internet and use a computer again instead of phone. Just dropping a line and letting you guys knooooowwww :D
10 Jul 18, 19:34
Carter: Blip
9 Jul 18, 01:22
Aedaen: -rolls-
8 Jul 18, 15:51
Denthúl: Hello Lantana :o
8 Jul 18, 06:17
Lantana: also HI
8 Jul 18, 06:17
Lantana: what's with the adbot invasion!*
8 Jul 18, 06:16
Lantana: lol, what
6 Jul 18, 07:25
Denthúl: 'ello
5 Jul 18, 22:20
Amnestria: Hey
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