15 May 18, 04:57 AM
Vitaliano Luga: Hi, I'm proud of my relatives of Luga clan.Hope to see you here in Tagbilaran City Bohol.I am a Public Schools District Supervisor and my wife,Dr.Beatriz Luga is the Chief of SGOD in Tagbilaran City
21 Jul 16, 04:00 AM
rex luga ruadiel: ako c rex luga ruadiel.,ang name ng lolo ko ay c victor rosil luga of cantilan,surigao del sur,ang lolo ko dating war veteran nung world war 2.
7 Jul 13, 02:08 AM
Marlon graciano: Can we ask for his pictures sir/mam on his service uniform? Hope to hear from you.. Tnx
7 Jul 13, 02:06 AM
Marlon graciano: Gud pm sir/mam, i am Cpt Marlon Graciano from the 302 brigade wer Gen Emilio Luga was formerly the commander.. We are presently updating the pictures of the lineage of commanders
1 Jul 12, 06:53 PM
cindy luga: thank you so much sa luga clan vieweng
1 Jul 12, 05:58 PM
cindy luga: hai im cindy sanchez luga from cagayan de oro city my father live in inabangga bohol since hes birth
27 Mar 12, 02:00 AM
LYDIA LUGA: i live here in rasay st.purok14 toril poblacion davao city ,iwant to know if we have a big gatheing ?coming? just to know pls
24 Mar 12, 05:51 AM
elizabeth luga cabaƱa: hello there i want to met some of other luga clan my parenta was came from inabangga bohol
10 Nov 11, 06:30 AM
Roy R. Luga: Zuwari, did you asked Jarvis about this?
17 Oct 11, 08:16 AM
Zuwairi: I really don't know nothing about any relative from the Philippines.Hope we can contact each other by clicking my name here
17 Oct 11, 08:15 AM
Zuwairi: I took mtDNA test at www.FamilyTreeDNA.com and by coincidance my mtDNA profile matching with Jarvis John Arias.
17 Oct 11, 08:13 AM
Zuwairi: Never imagine before that my maternal side of family comes from the Philippines.As I know that my maternal grandmother comes from Bugis tribe from Sulewasi,Indonesia.
17 Oct 11, 08:11 AM
Zuwairi: Hi,I am from Malaysia.I had taken a mtDNA test (HVR1+HVR2),and I am so suprised that I have almost same mtDNA prfile with Jarvis John Arias Luga Surriga.
30 Aug 11, 08:47 PM
rochelle: ko. may rochelle
30 Aug 11, 08:47 PM
rochelle: rhhhshf\
30 Aug 11, 08:46 PM
emilio: rochelle
29 Aug 11, 11:01 PM
21 Aug 11, 09:52 PM
helen rubio: regards to Luga Family!!!!
21 Aug 11, 09:51 PM
helen rubio: hello po maam mala...kmusta po sa inyong lahat...
17 May 11, 07:13 AM
roan mae luga: i'm very thankful to father angel LUGA, Roy LUGA for this job well done...they spent a lots of time to research the roots of the LUGA CLAN...i remember when father LUGA came to ilocos to meet us...
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