1 Jul 10, 09:46 PM
Muhanned: yes we do teacher
5 Apr 10, 11:32 AM
Teacher Hala: I miss blogging by thte Nile with you, my dear students, don't you?
5 Apr 10, 11:30 AM
Teacher Hala: Hi Soma, I always let the judgement to my students. Thanks for dropping by.
31 Mar 10, 07:40 PM
Teacher Hala: Soma, you misspelled "prophile. It's "profile". would this mistake allow me to judge your command of your students? :-)
31 Mar 10, 07:38 PM
Teacher Hala: Hi Soma. I guess I will leave the judgement to my students. Thank sfor passing by:-)
21 Feb 10, 11:53 PM
Muhanned: Hi, nice pic and yel is the handsome
18 Feb 10, 07:45 PM
soma: Hi Hala I am sure that you are a well qualified teacher in your field of speciality , I am not sure though about your command of English to guide students at this level.......sorry ..see prophile
18 Feb 10, 07:40 PM
soma: Hi Hala
15 Feb 10, 10:51 AM
Teacher Hala: :)
15 Feb 10, 10:50 AM
Teacher Hala: Hi students. Hope your exams went well. See you next week:-)
15 Feb 10, 10:50 AM
Teacher Hala: Salam Muhanned Thanks for leaving a comment
14 Feb 10, 01:40 PM
muhanned: Hi all, Good job keep on your work
16 Jan 10, 12:33 PM
mohamed najeb: I finished my blogger http://uts-mohmad2.blogspot.com/
11 Jan 10, 04:46 PM
Teacher Hala: Nehal, the deadline for submiting your tasks is very close. Only three days left. You have to finish before that.
11 Jan 10, 04:41 PM
Teacher Hala: :-)
11 Jan 10, 04:40 PM
Teacher Hala: You are doing fine, Mehda. Great that you could catch up with us after coming back from KSA. Btw, how is your family doing?:-)
9 Jan 10, 01:24 PM
mehad: ifinished from bank rever &day to remember in my live but ican't post the correct tasks from my in box iwill tray
8 Jan 10, 10:29 PM
Teacher Hala: Mehad I see online now. Please re-edit your tasks
8 Jan 10, 08:43 PM
Teacher Hala: Hoda and Aya Please come to my office on Sunday after the lecture. Thanks
8 Jan 10, 11:38 AM
Teacher Hala: Hoda, are you online now?
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