15 Nov 09, 09:59 AM
sn00p: huggs m0m n dad tyvvm for all da wishes n prezzies tytyty
12 Nov 09, 09:10 PM
Frank/Lightning: Have an awesome birthday s0n! Many happy wishes for this special day, and for always.
12 Nov 09, 08:46 PM
Julianne: Hugzzzzzz s0n....i hope you had the best birthday ever!! Love you tons!!!
12 Nov 09, 12:31 AM
sn00p: :biggrin:
12 Nov 09, 12:30 AM
sn00p: big huggs too data too for the amazin skins and makin all hs happern ty babes hugggs u always x0x0x0
12 Nov 09, 12:29 AM
sn00p: w00t ty all this is great and the prezzies aal tys0 much u may all hear me pp next time lol x0x0x0x0
11 Nov 09, 07:47 PM
Jennyfurrr: happy birthday sn00pster!! hugsss hope you have a great day!! :)
11 Nov 09, 07:38 PM
c0la: happy birthday snoopieee-doo* i hope all your birthday wishes come true now and alwaysss!!!! ox !!
11 Nov 09, 06:55 PM
sweetnothings: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the wonderful page data made for you! xoxox
11 Nov 09, 06:54 PM
simplysassy: happy birthday aj!!! I hope you have a super awsome fantastic day! huggss and luvs!
11 Nov 09, 06:53 PM
Jodi: Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and get everything you ask for.......Grin
11 Nov 09, 06:52 PM
ashley (dorkiie): -sings- happy bday to u. happy bday to u. happy bday dear sn00pster.happy bday to u. have a grt 1!
11 Nov 09, 06:50 PM
blaze: Hap Hap Happy Birthday AJ/Sn00pied00pie ....I hope you have a great day...
11 Nov 09, 06:49 PM
fiesty: happy birthday ma pervy fellow scorpio friend! hugggssssss ya up all over. hope your day is great!!
11 Nov 09, 06:46 PM
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