25 Jan 10, 11:45 PM
yichuin: all in all, it looks like I do not need an extra lamp to read. Also, the lamp near the girl feels like a spot light. I like the lamp in the middle though! keep it up~
25 Jan 10, 11:42 PM
yichuin: to me it feels kind of romantic and calm. a little too blur though? father looks stiff. cracks at the back a little too obvious? and there's lots of stars. just my opinion :'D
18 Jan 10, 12:05 AM
neeraj: thanks naf! :)
17 Jan 10, 03:03 PM
naf: all i can say it just wow for the fire man...wow
10 Jan 10, 11:46 AM
neeraj: hey thanks naf! :D
8 Jan 10, 05:36 PM
naf: wah lighting very the nice leyyyy
3 Jan 10, 02:23 PM
neeraj: thanks kez :D will work on the stars :D
31 Dec 09, 08:20 PM
kez: Hey Raj, lighting looks super AWESOMMMEEEE!! wow, k, sorry, the set looks like it couuulllddd come from....Polar Express. But i thought the "stars" was snow. hahahahaha, its too big
28 Dec 09, 11:37 PM
neeraj: thanks guys :) naf, yea it's not final yet. still have to tweak :)
27 Dec 09, 04:04 PM
naf: ur model is nice so far but it looks like an african american
24 Dec 09, 12:40 PM
Vivien: Good job Raj!! I like your latest version of Angela... Now it looks like a realistic looking girl. :)
19 Dec 09, 03:38 PM
bindhya: lighting in e setting looks nice :) a bit dark but thats how it is supposed 2 be i guess.. jia you!
16 Dec 09, 09:07 PM
neeraj: that's because the lighting is pretty contrasty :) it's not the final thing. I'll work on it :)
15 Dec 09, 12:06 PM
kezia: raj! its like an inferno in the fireplace man ahahahah
11 Dec 09, 11:01 AM
neeraj: thanks :D that's really encouraging :D
11 Dec 09, 10:49 AM
bindhya: hey.. progressing well! :) the model looks like a girl nt an alien.. nice work!
7 Dec 09, 02:54 AM
neeraj: lol. thanks vivien :D
7 Dec 09, 12:25 AM
Vivien: Cool fireplace:) keep up the good work 'daddy' plus mum
7 Dec 09, 12:24 AM
Vivien: Opps Ahhh!! Sorry i mean good...
7 Dec 09, 12:23 AM
Vivien: Cool fireplace~~ :) Keep up the girl work 'daddy' plus mum
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