19 Jan 15, 11:05 AM
Gameidiot: portal game easy baru
25 Dec 14, 10:45 PM
Princess Elsa: Hi trere..Blogwalking. Feel free to visit us here http://goo.gl/rwKwwD
24 Nov 14, 05:40 AM
Darlene: Cheryl, were you able to get the Posers from the email that I sent you?
14 Nov 14, 02:48 AM
Darlene: I will look into it Cheryl. May just be one of those false readings that antivirus programs give at times.
10 Nov 14, 10:34 AM
Cheryl: Darlene tried to download Raiza I cannot, Nortons tells me it is a malicious file...Love Cheryl
10 Nov 14, 10:28 AM
Cheryl: Love your blog Darlene, and TY for the shares...Love Cheryl :biggrin:
2 Nov 14, 03:07 PM
Darlene: Thank you for the comment Sapphire. As soon as my tower is working, will do some more Posers.
23 Oct 14, 11:45 PM
Sapphire: Darlene, you are offering some fabulous clusters and posers! Had to have some :biggrin:
17 Oct 14, 01:19 PM
nicky: iPad Air 2 launched
8 Oct 14, 11:21 PM
Donnalee: came from TGM to see what you have here,nice work on posers and the cluster frames you made. thanks for what you share
16 Sep 14, 06:04 AM
Gtrailer: blogwalking session, da lama x wat
11 Sep 14, 11:05 PM
Darlene: You're very welcome KitKat. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
7 Sep 14, 10:10 AM
KitKat: thank you for sharing your awsome posers can't wait to create with them
22 Aug 14, 10:37 PM
Darlene: You're very welcome Lorraine and I will be watching. I really have to get my butt in gear and create some new Posers.
20 Aug 14, 10:12 AM
Lorraine: from TGM group, I saw your link Darlene and came to have a look, lovely site here, and watch TGM space I'll be using some of your posers lols. Thank you :D
24 Jul 14, 10:39 PM
Shaz: I like the way Elanna turned out too :)
1 May 14, 07:02 AM
Elena White: Hello. Let's visit my blog. Waiting for you.
22 Apr 14, 04:36 PM
Cici Comel: Jemput singgah blog saya ye...
22 Apr 14, 04:36 PM
Cik Puteri: Jangan lupa singgah blog saya ye..
2 Apr 14, 11:55 AM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
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