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22 Feb 10, 12:47 AM
anonymous: good for you.
22 Feb 10, 12:48 AM
anonymous: where's ur friends?
22 Feb 10, 02:58 AM
KACE: Friends? Ive met up with a few of them... and my gf is working right now.
1 Mar 10, 03:51 AM
anonymous: what's her job? f u dont mind.
1 Mar 10, 03:51 AM
anonymous: u dont want to put another entry huh?
1 Mar 10, 06:42 AM
KACE: Uhm, just work. I havent really been using the computer much, so I have no entry yet.
2 Mar 10, 03:02 AM
anonymous: u sure did enjoy. good.
2 Mar 10, 03:02 AM
anonymous: at last u hav new entry.
2 Mar 10, 05:06 AM
KACE: Yeah, tried to post one up quick before I went out to eat and stuff.
3 Mar 10, 04:07 AM
[[ace`]]: hey hope ure enjoying ur trip. finally ure with ur gf.
3 Mar 10, 05:27 AM
KACE: Ace! It's been forever since we've really talked. How are you? Of course! Im loving it!
4 Mar 10, 01:20 AM
anonymous: :) at last there's [[ace`]]
4 Mar 10, 09:12 AM
Arlen: Whooooooooo! *prays real hard for a possible end year trip*
5 Mar 10, 01:33 AM
KACE: Your trip, eh? I hope that you can get out here too. I think that you will enjoy yourself. :D
15 Mar 10, 02:27 AM
mona: geeshh ur latest entry s so heartbreaking...
15 Mar 10, 03:12 AM
KACE: I didn't intend for it to be. I just really need help.
16 Mar 10, 08:46 AM
[[ace`]]: YEAHHH i hvnt talked to you for such a long time
16 Mar 10, 08:46 AM
[[ace`]]: gave you a little reply at your latest post
18 Mar 10, 01:01 PM
KACE: Thanks Ace. I'll have to check out your reply and get back on it soon. I have a couple.
28 Apr 10, 12:01 PM
mona: O.O