22 Nov 09, 11:59 PM
infilmwetrust: hello canonlover! thanks for the comment! we try to cover more asia n sg..but occasionally we will feature others..who can resist NOT featuring great pics ?
19 Nov 09, 10:16 PM
canonlover: wow,your coverage are so asian! i like!!!!
11 Nov 09, 04:05 PM
infilmwetrust: hello Leia! thanks for dropping by! a holga will be a great cam to start with! or if you are lucky enough to get a vivitar ultra wide and slim! just some recommendations
11 Nov 09, 02:36 PM
leia: this tumblr makes me so much more determined to get a lomo. just don't know which one yet!
7 Nov 09, 10:46 PM
infilmwetrust: hi samuel thanks for visiting!! what film cameras are you using now?
6 Nov 09, 10:23 PM
Samuel: great to have more film lovers ! im happy to see this site!!
3 Nov 09, 11:36 PM
infilmwetrust: oooh! sounds good! post your shots there! yes, we are infilmwetrust on lomotion!
3 Nov 09, 05:41 PM
hid: an impulse :) btw, are you from lomotion?
1 Nov 09, 10:58 PM
infilmwetrust: 120,the original Holga! its a lot of fun ,I gotta agree on that! which polaroid did you get anw?
1 Nov 09, 08:51 PM
Hid: anyway, i still prefer 120mm on my holga. heh.
1 Nov 09, 08:48 PM
Hid: yup yup. I own a few lomo cam. and i just bought a polaroid! Really busy now; havent got time to bring them out. I need an outing badly!
1 Nov 09, 06:06 PM
infilmwetrust: hi Tammy!haha..yup somehow tht photo fits the Halloween theme!haha.thnks for visiting!
1 Nov 09, 03:00 PM
Tammy: the little girl's face is soooo funny!!
1 Nov 09, 12:23 AM
infilmwetrust: wishing all readers a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
30 Oct 09, 12:00 PM
infilmwetrust: thanks for liking the post! you can search more pictures of mrlomo over the web!
29 Oct 09, 11:20 PM
calvin: I'm so into the photo by mrlomo. nice posts!!
29 Oct 09, 04:03 PM
infilmwetrust: hey ally,tlr is top lens reflex.you can see t he image by looking through the cam from the top instead of from the back! yeap!
29 Oct 09, 03:00 PM
Ally: Hey, what's TLR?
28 Oct 09, 11:07 PM
infilmwetrust: Hi Nicamera!hah ya we love it 2!!thnks 4 visting our site =)
28 Oct 09, 06:56 PM
Nicamera: wow! i have never heard of the holga 135bc tlr! this is soo cute n pretty!
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