11/28/20 09:59 PM
Noell: ilv :rosethought:
11/28/20 09:41 AM
bobhealey: (((((((((((((ILV))))))))))))))))
11/28/20 09:36 AM
bobhealey: ILV your in all my thoughts sorry for your loss sorry for ur
11/26/20 07:47 PM
Grammy: Prayers for You and your Family ILV So Sorry for your Loss :prayersmine:
11/26/20 12:25 PM
Noell: Wishing all Legendz a very happy Thanksgiving! :TG15:
11/26/20 07:03 AM
11/24/20 04:46 PM
FlexTheAce: :tdsideeff:
11/23/20 08:57 PM
Noell: Good times, Silly! :bluedeck:
11/22/20 10:27 PM
Noell: Congats on 500 tours, ilv and thank you for all you do so we can play & have fun. :tdtyflw:
11/22/20 11:58 AM
UnicornMajic234: wtg on 500 tourney Luv
11/22/20 11:29 AM
FlexTheAce: Excellent Ilv! Thanks fot tours! :niiice:
11/22/20 09:38 AM
NikkiLuvsPurple: Congrats on 500 tour ILV :wohoo:
11/22/20 08:58 AM
Grammy: Way To Go on 500 Tours ILV :fabdance:
11/21/20 06:15 PM
Spanky: hello,,,,,im in a dilima over the question as 2 how many letters are in the alphabit ,,,,, i say 27 because the 2nd "N" is silene ,,,since most discount the silent "N" they say 26 letters in the alphabit...comments?
11/21/20 03:58 PM
FlexTheAce: Happy Birthday Tan! :bday19:
11/21/20 12:25 AM
Noell: :weekndload:
11/18/20 07:20 PM
Noell: Happy birthday, Tan!! :bdpoms:
11/18/20 05:46 PM
Grammy: Happy Birthday Tan...Have a Great One :bdexplode:
11/17/20 09:45 PM
Noell: Sully, we miss you! :thiismuch:
11/17/20 05:34 PM
FlexTheAce: :uhuhsure: Kandee sleepin Grammy! hehe
11/17/20 05:33 PM
Grammy: Kandee Kandee WhereforArtThou Kandee? :miabunny:
11/16/20 09:48 PM
FlexTheAce: :nceshark:
11/16/20 09:21 PM
Noell: Cards happen, Flex. lol :shark99:
11/14/20 11:03 PM
11/14/20 11:44 AM
FlexTheAce: :errorpist: Me lately lol
11/13/20 07:23 PM
Noell: :fri13th:
11/11/20 07:57 PM
Noell: Land of free because of the brave. Celebrate a Veteran, today & every day. :eagflag:
11/10/20 10:05 PM
FlexTheAce: We will Remember Them..Thank-you to all Legendz that served our Countries! Much love. :urock13:
11/10/20 03:24 PM
FlexTheAce: :funstuff:
11/07/20 07:45 PM
Noell: Hi Chad, welcome! . :fwc1:
11/07/20 12:55 PM
FlexTheAce: Hello Chad! :wcocto:
11/06/20 09:34 PM
NikkiLuvsPurple: Flex :thanks9:
11/06/20 09:33 PM
Noell: Hi, NikkiLuvsPurple! Welcome! :fwc7:
11/06/20 04:50 PM
FlexTheAce: You ROCK Silly! Woot woot! Thanks for the morning tours tomorrow. Love playing with my coffee and cigs Lol :grtjb:
11/06/20 07:57 AM
FlexTheAce: I think we need some morning tours. We need jumpers i'm told. Anybody else that would like morning tours if the hosts are willing? Have a great Friday everyone! :bye1:
11/05/20 08:43 PM
FlexTheAcer: Great to see you back Nikki! Woot! :uastar:
11/05/20 04:31 PM
FlexTheAcer: :hw64: :wchand:
11/03/20 07:13 PM
Noell: Hi Trap, welcome to our league! :fwc2:
11/03/20 01:28 PM
FlexTheAcer: :beendown: Missed playing in Legendz. People here rock! Great to be back playing....:)
10/31/20 02:48 PM
Noell: Halloween Party tonight in the Harbor! Huge prize for best Team Name!! :hw95: :hw70:
10/30/20 03:31 PM
onefreakywench: My Dear Sweet Lola...you are in my thoughts and prayers, you are going to be missed by so many in this league which started out as a bunch of crazy ppl which turned into awesome friendships , and then turns us all into a beautiful family. keep up the fight my Lola la la la la Lola ❤️
10/29/20 10:21 PM
Noell: It's almost Trick or Treat time :hw80:
10/29/20 09:06 AM
bobhealey: to the best pner i ever had and made everything fun and all you did for your league all my thoughts are with you lola
10/28/20 11:36 PM
Noell: Dearest Lola, you are in our hearts and on our minds every day. Love & hugs. :thinku8:
10/24/20 11:54 AM
FlexTheAcer: You will be missed very much Lola. Thank-you for your friendship. Hugs xo :thiismuch:
10/24/20 10:07 AM
Spanky: awww Lola you take care of your self and we play again,,,here or Heaven
10/22/20 01:03 PM
nivols2: The league will miss you, Lola. You were a great TD.
10/22/20 12:39 PM
poohebutte1: (((((((((LOLA))))))))) I sure hope u a great recovery. You got this woman stay strong!!! :missugr:
10/22/20 11:57 AM
UnicornMajic234: Lola know that you will be missed in this wonderful league... my heart goes out to you & your family along with my prayers. :thiismuch: Peace & love as your journey continues.
10/22/20 10:18 AM
FlexTheAcer: :thursdaybeer:
10/13/20 09:09 PM
Noell: Welcome back, Flex :wbbeer:
10/13/20 09:18 AM
FlexTheAcer: Have a great day Legendz! Good luck at the tables. Great to be back!
10/10/20 09:13 PM
moonchild77: Happy Happy Birthday ilv and many more :bdayblue:
10/10/20 07:40 PM
FlexTheAcer: Happy Birthday Ilv!
10/10/20 07:18 PM
Noell: Happy birthday, ILV!!! :bday35:
10/10/20 05:52 PM
Grammy: Happy Birthday ILV!!!! :bdcake8:
10/09/20 09:01 PM
Noell: Nice to play with you tonight, Bren. We were just one evil Grammy from greatness. lol :w2go2:
10/07/20 07:39 PM
Noell: And now I can post my bday message: Happy birthday Grammy! I stayed out of your tour so you could win it. he he he :bday80: :hahano:
10/07/20 07:35 PM
Noell: woot Grammy, you fixed it!! You rock! :bunnynice:
10/07/20 12:21 AM
Grammy: Hi Noell :wohoo:
09/25/20 09:35 PM
Noell: Moni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :bdaytxt: :bday80:
09/17/20 06:02 PM
mac: Thank you Lola,, :zonice:
09/17/20 05:47 PM
lola: Way to go Mac on winning the Amazon Voucher! Great job :wowfab:
09/11/20 08:59 PM
Noell: Thank you Moon. :blokiz: So many others lost so much more. :911d:
09/11/20 08:56 PM
moonchild77: sorry for your loss Noell and for all those lost
09/11/20 07:11 PM
Noell: In memory of my friend, SGM Larry Strickland. I miss you, your cheap cologne and all our fun trips to Garmisch. Every brown leather bomber jacket reminds me of you. Patriot, you picked the wrong day to visit our friend at the Pentagon. RIP until we meet again, Larry. :911b:
09/11/20 07:07 PM
Noell: In memory of the highest ranking military officer to perish at the Pentagon, 3 star Gen Timothy Maude. A hometown friend and my husbands boss more than once in the Army, he died a hero on the battlefield that day. No one could have imagined it would be in his office. I know your family is at peace and hope you are too. :911f:
09/10/20 09:31 PM
Noell: Beautiful page, Lola! You outdid yourself. :911a:
09/07/20 12:32 PM
Noell: Happy Labor Day, Legendz! :labor6:
09/06/20 10:01 AM
Grammy: And Don't forget to bring your Hosting Hat with ya Kandee!! :lessgo:
09/06/20 08:21 AM
Noell: Happy Labor Day weekend, Legendz :labor4:
09/05/20 07:28 PM
lola: You too Kandee! Hurry back soon :) :funhaps:
09/05/20 06:43 PM
Kandee: Hi Legendz. Sorry haven't been around. Will try to get back soon though. I haven't forgotten about you guys don't forget about me :) Take care and stay safe
09/05/20 06:10 PM
lola: :sweeptix: Reg STD Vs Reverse @6.30pm - come battle your fave game!
09/02/20 10:13 PM
Noell: wooot Uni, congrats on winning the Battle of the Sexes for the ladies! :BOS5:
09/02/20 12:16 PM
Noell: Battle of the Sexes tonight! :BOS2:
09/01/20 09:12 PM
Noell: It's on! :sweep1:
08/31/20 07:34 PM
Noell: Terri, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :bday30:
08/31/20 06:20 PM
dj_daforeman: Happy Birthday Terri from the Clique radio and all the djs.
08/31/20 10:10 AM
mac: Happy Birthday Terri :bdaysong:
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