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03/24/13 10:10 PM
zaire: thank u
04/05/13 09:03 PM
BiggKev: We are live from Studio N
04/05/13 09:09 PM
BiggKev: who wit me tonight?
04/05/13 09:16 PM
BiggKev: If you are an independent artist and you want to get your music played on the Lyrical Den, just hit us up at: info@lyricalden.com
04/05/13 10:11 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: Mic Check
04/12/13 09:28 PM
abitta: what up ld
04/12/13 09:29 PM
abitta: why y'all look so bored?
04/12/13 09:30 PM
abitta: I can't hear you over the background music!!! :-(
04/12/13 09:48 PM
Corey: what up i online
04/12/13 10:02 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: hey! who's in the shout box with me
04/12/13 10:03 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: hey Corey....
04/12/13 10:08 PM
Corey: I am back!
04/12/13 10:08 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: Glad to have you
04/12/13 10:13 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: So...Im gonna drop the topic of the show tonight
04/12/13 10:14 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: So....I wanna hear funny stories of ppl catching their parents doing the horizontal mambo?
04/12/13 10:35 PM
Corey: what up with the big pink cup!
04/12/13 10:35 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: Dont you wanna know...lol
04/12/13 10:36 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: its water...lol
04/12/13 10:43 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: technical difficulties
04/12/13 10:50 PM
Corey: the whole door fell on them! wow! lol
04/12/13 10:50 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: yea....It was pretty bad
04/12/13 10:51 PM
Corey: I love the music!
04/12/13 10:51 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: Shout out to abittabling.....Im rocking DairyQueen Tracie!!!
04/12/13 10:59 PM
Ms Nikki Barnes: Good night guys!
04/17/13 11:11 PM
hi: hi
04/17/13 11:12 PM
pat: hi andy
04/17/13 11:13 PM
pat: i can c ur nt hea but i ca
04/17/13 11:13 PM
pat: dont know yyy
04/17/13 11:16 PM
pat: i am looking at u in 2 windows and either i cant hear u y is that
04/17/13 11:24 PM
pat: dont u c what i write to u
04/19/13 11:58 PM
Mr.Shyne Upliftment: tune
04/20/13 09:01 PM
pumpken: Hi Winston, goodnight to all listeners.
04/20/13 09:41 PM
Sexy j: Hi Wnston
04/21/13 06:39 PM
sefa: lets g o
04/28/13 09:41 PM
cherenefranklinhowze: Where is Mr. Midnight Love at tonight
05/08/13 07:14 PM
whot radio: whot radio eric washington jam girl
05/25/13 02:01 AM
jahjah: ru alright baby
06/10/13 06:53 PM
Inspiration by Loretta: Happy Birthday shout out to Inspiration by Loretta
06/14/13 09:46 PM
Lyrical Den Show: Technical Difculties soved... its on liv now!!!
06/22/13 03:41 PM
Nikki: it's 2:39 PM Saturday June 22, 2013. Does anybody know the last few songs played? It sounded like the same artist(s) for all of them. it was either one really long song, or a few mixed together.
06/29/13 08:21 PM
vickie: nite
06/29/13 08:35 PM
vickie: I'm good
06/29/13 09:22 PM
vickie: winston i'm out going liming n den in the ranch to scrawl up
07/14/13 12:05 AM
The1Essence: Heyyy Dee
07/14/13 11:58 AM
sis: marcia you re off line and no sound
07/14/13 05:23 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: Hey Lady
07/14/13 05:31 PM
DeeWorks Live!: Hey Lady
07/14/13 05:36 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: I don't think we will ever understand in this life time. That is why prayer is so important.
07/14/13 05:39 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: Time to cut her off
07/14/13 05:39 PM
DeeWorks Live!: yep
07/14/13 05:42 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: Amen
07/14/13 05:42 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: oh oh
07/14/13 05:43 PM
InspirationbyLoreta: She is upset
07/14/13 05:45 PM
InspirationbyLoretta: The hatred needs to stop
07/14/13 05:45 PM
InspirationbyLoretta: wow
07/14/13 05:46 PM
InspirationbyLoretta: no not her
07/14/13 05:47 PM
DeeWorks Live!: oh ok
07/14/13 06:06 PM
InspirationbyLoretta: I'm hiding my boy
07/14/13 06:21 PM
InspirationbyLoretta: do do do dodoo
07/15/13 02:43 AM
adamoe: how r u there?
07/15/13 02:44 AM
adamoe: hi dj fahonda?
10/01/13 08:43 PM
Satans Inspiration: Nice show....:)
10/01/13 08:44 PM
Satans Inspiration: Would you play some devilish reggae for me?
10/06/13 08:53 AM
SelaNYC: The love of God is enough
10/15/13 07:34 PM
marica: hello
10/15/13 09:13 PM
marica: this is Sis. Daliah Manning..let send a shout out to my family Sis.D'maya, Ronisha, Joshua, and my husband Deacon manning, love you all. Sis. Marcia you are really blessed to be on the radio.. I want to big you up sister...
10/16/13 09:40 PM
yochis: yonchis
10/22/13 09:41 PM
marica: This is Sis.Dmaya I love your radio station especially the music...I would like to send a shut out to my family and all the united holy church of god listeners and big up my friend carlisha bless bless bless!!!! God bless you Sis. Marcia your music really blesses Me.
10/22/13 09:46 PM
Sis.Dmaya: I will be listening next Tuesday at 7. Bless
11/18/13 07:07 PM
Hylie: i am from Barbados enjoying your music, keep it up thank you.
11/18/13 07:34 PM
Hylie: Hi DeeWorks we cannot hear you voice very well
11/19/13 07:13 PM
karla: hola
11/19/13 07:13 PM
karla: algún latino
11/29/13 06:28 PM
DeeWorks Live!: shout out to everyone in Barbados on the check in - Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™
12/09/13 05:29 PM
DeeWorkslive: Hello everyone welcome to Make it happen Monday - Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!
12/09/13 05:30 PM
inspbyloretta: Whats up. Do the doggone thing
12/09/13 05:52 PM
DeeWorkslive: Hey Loretta - Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™
01/03/14 09:23 PM
Ms Nikkie Barnes: <<<<Is in the building for the New Year!!!!
01/03/14 10:54 PM
Ms Nikkie Barnes: Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!
01/05/14 06:04 PM
DeeWorksLive: Hey everybody - time for Justin A. Oliver - Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™
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