30 Aug 16, 10:08 PM
Purbayan sarkar: Cool I loved the website but some essential updates are needed to make the website up-to-date please I request all developers please update your website if you love your motheralnd
21 Feb 16, 12:09 AM
shuvankar barman: Nice job bro..keep it up..
9 Feb 16, 07:04 PM
Arindam Sarkar: I appretiate your teamwork..And thanks to u all the maintainer of this site as its always a pleasure to know about my home town tufanganj.But i am very sad at a point that in this site u mentioned
31 Dec 15, 12:31 PM
J.A SArkar: Need some help full Phone No. like Gas Agency, Fire Station Hospital, Ambulance.etc
18 May 15, 05:38 PM
deb: Could you please arrnge the contact no of the swiming club contact phone no. Thanks,
28 Oct 14, 11:32 PM
Sanjit: It'll be nice thing, if you include our history in relation to part of COOCHBEHAR STATE, the Coochbehar Kingdom, this will update our new generation.
28 Oct 14, 11:27 PM
Sanjit: Dear Members, Indeed it's great effort by you. Best wishes
1 Apr 14, 04:14 PM
Pameli: Please provide me the contact number of swimming pool office.
28 Nov 13, 09:38 PM
hgg: bal bichi
28 Nov 13, 09:37 PM
hgg: hhjj
28 Nov 13, 09:37 PM
hgg: hfhh
21 Jun 13, 04:53 PM
CMR: of tufanganj and i am v
21 Jun 13, 04:51 PM
CMR: i am a lpeople
21 Jun 13, 04:50 PM
CMR: i an
23 Jan 13, 11:03 PM
Debasree palit: I need to khow about the staying option of the town as I need to go there and stay for 3-5 days. can u hepl me in this regard?
23 Jan 13, 11:01 PM
Debasree palit: Thanks to all of you who are the back-pilars of making the beautiful website for people. I am researcher from the university of Calcutta.
17 Dec 12, 03:40 PM
Partha (Bubai): Thanks Sir foryourGreat work
20 Nov 12, 12:58 PM
xyz: Hell Yes, At least that the website is in existence is unique. Thanx, friend, whoever you may be. Its great
1 Nov 12, 10:39 PM
Love u tfg: good job...
1 Nov 12, 10:39 PM
Love u tfg: very nice to see this website.i miss u tufanganj..
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